19th of February: Drinks!

Giving our budget a guideline and our study trip a destination calls for celebration! Which is why we’ll be having our drinks right after at Molly Malone’s.If you don’t want to join the ALV you’re still very welcome to come drink with us!The Board will be there from 20:00 onwards.We look forward to seeing you there!  

19th of February: ALV

We would like to invite you to Etcetera’s second ALV (Algemene Leden Vergadering) of the academic year. In this meeting we want to discuss a few things with you and give you the opportunity to vote about some more essential decisions regarding the rest of the year.A central issue to the meeting will be the break-in we’ve mailed you about previously. Due to this unfortunate event we, as an association,

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9th of February: Pancake day!

Dear members of Etcetera, Soon, it will be Pancake Day: Do you give a toss?! Well we sure do and would love to invite you all to join us at the lovely Pancake Bakery where the jams, syrups and chocolate saus are waiting for you! The prices range from €6,25 to €14,95 if you’re in the mood for something fancy! If your mouth is watering by the thought of this, be sure to sign

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5th – 7th of February:

We are still recovering from this lovely adventure, but to say that it was worth it would be an understatement.We would like to thank all of the 32 people who signed up for a magical weekend of Secret Hitler, potion classes and of course beer pong. We hope that you all solemnly swear to join next year as well.    

4th of February: Book my Valentine!

Single or not: you cannot miss this. It is your one and only chance to go speed dating without having to worry about what to talk about, because it’s all about the books on the 4th of February! Be ready to be summoned into a world of book enthusiasts that want to know about your personal favourites and want to tell you about theirs. Whether it’s ‘Dracula’, ‘Of Mice and

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Book sale!

BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS! February 1st is the beginning of a new semester with new subjects and also new study books. As always, Etcetera will be organizing a booksale in which we can give you an 18% discount on all your English study books and a 10% discount on your Dutch books. The sale starts TODAY and you have until the 26th to order your books at Athenaeum via this link: https://athenaeum-sv.mijnboekhandelaar.com/

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Member weekend!

Dear ladies, gentlemen, and above all, scholars! It is within the first days of February that the noble gathering of Studievereniging Etcetera is moving to the south to celebrate MEMBERWEEKEND. You are all duly invited to come join us on this happy weekend full of feasts, games, merriment, and good company!We will travel to the luxurious accommodation by train from Amsterdam Centraal in the afternoon, and we will return Sunday

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Christmas Gala: Jinglebeats!

HET GROTE KERSTGALA DER GEESTESWETENSCHAPPEN: JINGLEBEATS!!! ◤►◢ ▬▬ LINE-UP ▬▬ ◤►◢ ▸ SHERAFATIS▸ PANTER▸ BEAU ZWART FOR ENGLISH SEE BELOW Een echte christmust: Jinglebeats! Ook dit jaar hebben veel studieverenigingen de handen ineen geslagen: AAS, Helios, Kanvas, Laverna, Etcetera, Trilithon, Nordom, Vos, Kleio, SES, Cèrcle d’Amis, Fabula Rasa, Los Guiris en Convivio verzorgen weer een spectaculair kerstgala. Waan je in smoking, jurk of (douche)gordijn een avond lang in winter wonderland en

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Christmas Drinks with the English Department!

The Christmas drinks where students and teachers all come together to spread Christmas cheer! (And drink beer).The teachers of the English Department will provide some drinks and home made snacks but you are always welcome to bring some yourself.We will get together from 17:00 till 19:00 in room 4.01.  

the 9th of December: Drinks!

Allrighty then fellow class mates!Once again, the time has come to unite and pursue one cause: to Drink!An opportunity for intelligent discussions, movie and music reviews and of course a chance to woo that hottie you’ve been eyeing in class. (You’re welcome)We didn’t want to neglect the people who were busy on Thursday, so we planned these drinks on a Wednesday!The board will be present from 20:00 onwards, We hope

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