Valentine’s Day Pub Quiz

By Etcetera|February 23, 2018|News, Throwbacks|

To celebrate the day of love, Etcetera changed their name to Etdatera and invited their members to join them for a passionate drink and a romantic pub quiz on the night before Valentine’s day. Once the Taproom was filled with teams ready to go, team names such as ‘The Double D’s’ and ‘Les Pommes D’amour’ declared, board members spread out to the team tables to start the first of five

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By Etcetera|February 18, 2018|LLACE, News, Throwbacks|

And what a sensation it was! On the 7th of February, we were gathered at ‘De Nieuwe Anita’ once again for an epic night of fun and translation. The night started off a little roughly, because a lot of the trams weren’t driving that day, but that didn’t subdue the fun one bit. The people that were already there, got together downstairs and entertained each other with funny stories and

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Life After English

By Etcetera|February 15, 2018||

Have you recently graduated with a degree in English Language and Culture and are you considering your options? Or have you been working for a while and are you thinking about making a career switch? Or are you looking to network and make some new connections in a different field? Come along to Life after English for networking, inspiration and advice. This careers and networking event, aimed at students and

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Memberweekend 2018

By Etcetera|February 12, 2018|News, Throwbacks|

For a few days at the beginning of February, Etcetera and its members left the noisy streets, misguided tourists and the chaotic bicycle lanes of Amsterdam, to come and visit the quiet and peaceful town of Dwingeloo. On Friday evening everyone arrived at the house, the Vogelzang, which was destined for two upcoming days of fun and memorable mischief. After some exploration in and around the building, together with the

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Bye Bye Resolution Drinks

By Etcetera|January 24, 2018||

In case you haven’t given up on your new year’s resolutions… CONGRATULATIONS! You have lasted a good three weeks and almost a full month. You have done the near impossible, beat our evolutionary need for convenience. However, that’s enough for now. Come join us to do the inevitable… wave your new year’s resolutions goodbye! Together we will pour one out for them. Join us at Filmtheater Kriterion to say goodbye and say

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Pub Crawl

By Etcetera|January 18, 2018|ACE, Throwbacks|

All the Leidseplein needs to change into the center of enjoyment, amusement and a busy nightlife in general, is for the sun to go down. However, this particular night it was even more alive, since Etcetera joined with their pub crawl. Members had been told to meet at Irish pub, Bookman, for an opportunity to catch up after the holiday and to start the evening in a calm fashion, in

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Kerstgala Faculteit der Geesteswetenschappen 2017

By Etcetera|December 22, 2017||

The festive month of December has started, and there are many things to look forward to. The Christmas holidays are around the corner, Sinterklaas will visit the Netherlands, Santa Claus will also be dropping some presents around the globe and 2018 is almost here. The only hurdle that we have to take beforehand is the exam week, but do not fear: the Humanities associations are here to save you! Hereby

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Theatre: Kings of War.

By Etcetera|December 20, 2017||

*** Unfortunately, this event is only accessible to Dutch speaking people.*** In Kings of war zijn de koningsdrama’s Henry V, Henry VI en Richard III van Shakespeare samengevoegd tot één explosieve voorstelling over leiderschap. Ze laat zien hoe drie verschillende leiders, in tijden van crisis en oorlog, beslissingen nemen die het leven van duizenden beïnvloeden. Een voorstelling over verantwoordelijkheid en machtsmisbruik en de soms vage grens tussen beide. Kings of

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