Study Session

By Etcetera|April 19, 2018||

With the midterms coming up, procrastination season has officially begun again! At Etcetera we say no more! Join us in the fight against “Just five more minutes”, “I’ll start at the full hour”, and “Just one more episode” and join us at our study session! We will have not one, but two rooms available for you! You can find us between 13:00 and 17:00 in PCH 6.25, or in PCH

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Picture week!

By Etcetera|April 16, 2018||

After last year’s success, Etcetera is creating another yearbook! The best thing about the yearbook is the beautiful pictures. That is why the Yearbook Committee is organising a picture week! So bust out your braces, get yourself that perfect perm, and dig out that handmade sweater that your grandma made you from the bottom of your closet and get ready to take your best picture! Walk in anytime between 13:00

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By Etcetera|April 12, 2018|ACE, News, Throwbacks|

The Sarphatipark is located beautifully in the south of Amsterdam, and therefore was chosen to host ACE’s Beerhunt on the 5th of April. After the ACE had skilfully hidden all the beer bottles and explained the rules to the people pouring in to join the hunt could commence. People started going around the entirety of the park, leaving no nook and cranny untouched. Nobody was afraid of getting their hands

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Spring Drinks

By Etcetera|April 11, 2018||

It is finally spring! That calls for a celebration. Join us at Filmtheater Kriterion for our very first drinks of spring and the new period!

Thesis Session with Ben Moore

By Etcetera|April 9, 2018||

Are you lost on how to write that perfect thesis? Don’t fret! Etcetera is here to help.   Together with Dr Ben Moore, we have organised a thesis session to make sure you can start your thesis well prepared. This is the perfect opportunity for you to voice all your worries and concerns regarding your BA thesis.

Jeopardy Night

By Etcetera|March 26, 2018|LLACE, News, Throwbacks|

Where the wind makes trees whisper, the LLACE filled the Terpentijn with a blast of sound and joy, called jeopardy. On the 13th of March some of Etcetera’s members gathered at the pub to test their knowledge in a more non-judging and casual setting. The participants were divided into three teams, which had to compete for gold and – only for the smartest – silver coins. Even though these were

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Join the board!

By Etcetera|March 7, 2018|News|

The time has come! We are looking for new board members to run Etcetera next school year! We are looking for enthusiastic people who want to become part of next year’s board. As a board member you will be in charge of the whole of etcetera. This is the perfect opportunity to become more involved with the association and to learn some new skills. Not only is doing a board

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Open Mic

By Etcetera|March 4, 2018|ACE, News, Throwbacks|

Open Mic It was not the first time that de Nieuwe Anita opened its welcoming doors for Etcetera´s talented. After the success of Poetry night, our lyrically gifted were once again literally given a podium to shine with their ingenious songs and the occasional well thought-out poetry. Within this personal setting several people and their acts had the chance of humbly showing of their singer song writer skills, in order

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Valentine’s Day Pub Quiz

By Etcetera|February 23, 2018|News, Throwbacks|

To celebrate the day of love, Etcetera changed their name to Etdatera and invited their members to join them for a passionate drink and a romantic pub quiz on the night before Valentine’s day. Once the Taproom was filled with teams ready to go, team names such as ‘The Double D’s’ and ‘Les Pommes D’amour’ declared, board members spread out to the team tables to start the first of five

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By Etcetera|February 18, 2018|LLACE, News, Throwbacks|

And what a sensation it was! On the 7th of February, we were gathered at ‘De Nieuwe Anita’ once again for an epic night of fun and translation. The night started off a little roughly, because a lot of the trams weren’t driving that day, but that didn’t subdue the fun one bit. The people that were already there, got together downstairs and entertained each other with funny stories and

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