Graphic Novel Conference!

By Etcetera|June 22, 2018||

Etcetera, Nieuwe Doelen and Writers Block bring you a                GRAPHIC NOVEL CONFERENCE! This is the LLACE’s 2018 literary conference. LLACE has been working together with study association Nieuwe Doelen and literary magazine Writers Block to create this year’s extravaganza. The event will include three speakers, each pressing graphic novel knowledge upon their listeners, and a creative workshop! Besides this there will, of course,

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Books That Will Save Your Life

By Etcetera|May 25, 2018|LLACE, News, Throwbacks|

Before the 17th of May it was thought more than unlikely to peacefully get civil rights ambassador Malcom X, a giant, men-eating whale and a creative, but struggling 17 year old girl, into one room. Yet, Etcetera once again accomplished the close to impossible. LLACE’s Books that will save your life took place in the UvA’s library and brought forth three intriguing speakers, together with their stories on how certain

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Exam Support Drinks

By Etcetera|May 23, 2018||

The year is almost coming to an end. Only one more exam week to go! We know and feel your pain, so to alleviate it we are hosting an alcohol-fueled support group! So, leave those books at the library and join us to drink all your pain away and to forget everything you spent hours studying for!

Book Club #4: Who Fears Death

By Etcetera|May 22, 2018||

LLACE Book Club’s fourth book discussion was blindly chosen by none other than YOU; the members of Etcetera! WHO FEARS DEATH by Nnedi Okorafor In a far future, post-nuclear-holocaust Africa, genocide plagues one region. The aggressors, the Nuru, have decided to follow the Great Book and exterminate the Okeke. Onyesonwu, “who fears death” in an ancient language, is the outcast child of a mother who cannot speak above a whisper.

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Books That Will Save Your Life

By Etcetera|May 17, 2018||

LLACE welcomes you to their annual event: ‘Books That Will Save Your Life’! This event is a place for predetermined speakers to address the audience on a particular book that had a great impact on them and their life. The audience will be able to participate with questions and create an atmosphere of understanding and support. It will take place in the Potgieterszaal of the University Library. This years speakers

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Write Fight

By Etcetera|May 16, 2018|ACE, LLACE, News, Throwbacks|

On the 2nd of May several members of Etcetera gathered at café Schuim for an event organized by both the LLACE and the ACE, and what does one get when combining thought-through literature and plain, eventful fun? The enjoyable, mildly shocking combination of rapidly written spawns known as fan fiction. Write Fight started off with a small pub quiz: Teams were made, and afterwards given names – about which I

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Ascension Drinks

By Etcetera|May 9, 2018||

It is Spring, and this means that apart from flowers, sunshine, and lambs the season of the holidays has started! With Easter and Kingsday already passed there are few remaining. That isn’t going to stop us from enjoying every single second of them! That is why you should join us for our Ascension Drinks! There will be no exams and no (9am) classes the next day. It is the perfect

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Mother’s Day Pasta Crafts

By Etcetera|May 7, 2018||

We all remember the good old days of elementary school. There was no homework, no exams, only recess and playtime! With mother’s day coming up we would like to revisit those golden days! With handmade pasta crafts! Join us in our office to make your mother the best present she has received in over 10 years! We will have paper, paint, glitter, and of course pasta ready so you can

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LLACExACE Present: Write Fight!

By Etcetera|May 2, 2018||

FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT TO WRITE!!! In this ACE/LLACE shared event extravaganza, you and your team will have to fight your way to the top in a pub-quiz, to be able to collect the characters, verbs, time and location you need to write a FANFICTION. The best fan fiction made with collected words, WINS!!