Position openings!

We are very much looking forward to the next schoolyear and all the fun we are going to have. Our committees, the ACE, the LLACE, and the ProCO, play a big part in all of this and we are looking for new people to lead them. Down below you can read a description of what you would be doing as chair and what we are looking for in a chair. If after reading the descriptions you feel like you want to embark on this adventure with us please send your resume and motivation letter to Both the resume and motivation letter should be in English. In your motivation letter you should tell us what committee you would like to chair and why we should pick you. We will close the applications on the 9th of July at midnight. If you have any questions at all you can always send us an email.


This year the ACE was responsible for the St Patrick’s Day themed pub quiz and many other fun events. Upcoming schoolyear we are looking to keep the fun going with many more events.

As chair you will ultimately be responsible for any event the ACE organises. So, we would like our chair to have strong leadership skills. To keep the different events as fun and diverse as possible some creativity would be very welcome.

We would like the ACE to organise one event a month. In order to avoid stressful situations during the exam period planning ahead would be very useful, so we would like the chair to be organised. As chair you are also in charge of leading the weekly meetings. You will also choose your fellow committee members together with the Commissary of Internal Affairs, Hymke.

All in all you will spend about 10 hours a month, excluding the actual events, on the ACE.


Starting next schoolyear the LACE will be know as the LLACE. The Language & Literary Activities Committee is in charge of events related to language, literature, and the study itself.

As chair you will be responsible for the meetings (1 meeting every week), communication, and the end product. The work load is about 15 to 20 hours every month, excluding events. In the beginning of the year you will also need to be present at the interviews for the general members of the committees. So together with the Commissary of Internal Affairs, Hymke, you will play an instrumental part in choosing your fellow members.
The chair should possess some leadership skills. Also, since the LLACE will be doing some study related things, it would be great if you have little trouble communicating to teachers. Considering that the events will run throughout the whole year you should be able to plan ahead, as to avoid stressful situations during exam weeks. Of course, you are completely free to organise whatever event you feel would be fun and/or educative. We would like the LLACE to at least organise one event every two months, and if possible one per month.

The Proco:

Upcoming schoolyear the ProCo will go through some changes. In addition to documenting the events that are organised by the ACE and the LLACE, the ProCo will also be expected to write short pieces after every event to upload on the website and to put into the yearbook. Next year the Yearbook Committee will not exist anymore, and the ProCo will take responsibility for making and distributing the yearbook. This will be in the second half of the schoolyear and of course, the ProCo will get help from extra members to write it.

As chair you need to have strong leadership skills and you need to be able to organise and plan ahead, especially during the writing of the yearbook. Since taking pictures is a big part of the ProCo it is important that you know how to operate a camera and can edit pictures and videos. Also, together with the Commissary of Internal Affairs, Hymke, you will be in charge of choosing your fellow committee members.

As you will also play a big part in creating the yearbook it would be great if you are creative and proactive. A big part of your role is editing the year book so that it is perfect. Therefore, an eye for design and writing is quite important. Also, experience with InDesign is a big plus. If you haven’t worked with InDesign before that is no problem at all, since you can easily learn how to use it.

In the first semester your workload as chair, will be around 10 hours a month for meetings and the like. This is excluding the time you will have to spend at the different events organised by the ACE, the LLACE, and the board. It is important that at least one person of the ProCo is at these events, because we want to upload short pieces about the events on the website together with the photos. Your workload will change in the second semester. Seeing as you will also be creating the yearbook, but we will make sure that more members will join the ProCo so it won’t take too big a chunk of your time.