Activities Committee Etcetera (ACE)

The ACE is an event planning committee, and goes about planning activities for Etcetera members that are all about fun, and, using the Dutch word, gezelligheid!

This past year the ACE was responsible for planning a Pub Quiz, an Open Mic Night, and an end of the year BBQ, amongst many other events!


Literature and Language Activities Committee Etcetera (LLACE)

The LLACE is similar to the ACE, but its events are focused more on, you guessed it, literature and language! This means that the theme of the activities that LLACE plans always has something to do with our study; English Language and Culture.

In the past, theLLACE has created events like the Night of Poetry, a monthly Book Club, and study sessions! Near the end of each year LLACE comes together with other study associations for a large event, a literary conference. This past year the conference was on Graphic Novels, and before that it has been Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Game of Thrones themed!


Promotion Committee Etcetera (ProCo)

The ProCo is Etcetera’s promotion hub. This committee documents events that are organised by Etcetera, by going to and taking photos of the event, and writing short recap pieces on the event for on the website and the yearbook. The Yearbook Committee is a faction of ProCo, and they will be in charge of creating the yearbook in the second half of the school year.