Looking for new chairs!!

The school year is almost over! That means just a few exams and then summer, and a fresh start next term!
What that also means, is that next year’s Board of Etcetera is looking for new Chairs of our Committees!!

The ACE, LLACE, and ProCo play a big part in the fun Etcetera has every year, and we are looking for new people to lead them! Down below you can read a description of each committee and what being chair would entail.

If any of these positions sound exciting, and you have strong organisational and leadership qualities, and would perhaps like to embark on this adventure with us, please send us your resume and motivation letter to, before June 1st! Your letter should let us known which committee you would like to chair and why we should pick you. If you have any questions you can always send us an email.

Activities Committee Etcetera (ACE)

The ACE is an event planning committee, and goes about planning activities for Etcetera members that are all about fun, and, using the Dutch word, gezelligheid!

This past year the ACE was responsible for planning a Pub Quiz, an Open Mic Night, and an end of the year BBQ, amongst many other events!

As chair you will ultimately be responsible for any event the ACE organises. You delegate your members and make sure everything runs smoothly, so, we would like our chair to have strong leadership skills. To keep the different events as fun and diverse as possible some creativity would also be very welcome!

We would like the ACE to organise one event a month. So, in order to avoid stressful situations during the exam period, planning ahead would be very useful, thus the chair should be nice and organised! As chair you are also in charge of leading the weekly meetings with your members, who you will choose and have interviews for together with the new Commissary of Internal Affairs, Remo! All in all you will spend about 10 hours a month, excluding the actual events, on the ACE.

Literature and Language Activities Committee Etcetera (LLACE)

The LLACE is similar to the ACE, but its events are focused more on, you guessed it, literature and language! This means that the theme of the activities that LLACE plans always has something to do with our study, English Language and Culture.

In the past, theLLACE has created events like the Night of Poetry, a monthly Book Club, and LangLit themed Jeopardy! Near the end of each year LLACE comes together with other study associations for a large event, a literary conference. This past year the conference was on Graphic Novels, and before that it has been Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Game of Thrones themed!

As chair of LLACE do you much as the same as chair of ACE. You are responsible for a meeting each week, communication between members, and of course the end product of events. Chairs should have leadership skills, be organised, and not be afraid to think out of the box! The LLACE also plans one event each month, and the chair will also work with the Commissary of Internal Affairs, Remo, to choose and interview your future members. In LLACE you will also spend about 10hours a month involved with the committee, not including actual events.

Promotion Committee Etcetera (ProCo)

The ProCo is Etcetera’s promotion hub. If you like being creative, this could be a great position for you! This committee documents events that are organised by Etcetera, by going to and taking photos of the event, and writing short recap pieces on the event for on the website and the yearbook. The Yearbook Committee is a faction of ProCo, and they will be in charge of creating the yearbook in the second half of the schoolyear.

As chair you should be able to lead your members, be organised enough to plan ahead, especially during yearbook time, and be creative! It is important that you know how to operate a camera, and can edit photos and videos. Together with Remo, the Commissary of Internal Affairs, you will be in charge of choosing and interviewing your fellow members. For the yearbook, experience with InDesign is a big plus, however, learning how to use it is not too hard!

In the first semester your workload as chair, will be around 10 hours a month for meetings and the like. This is excluding the time you will have to spend at the different events organised by the ACE, the LLACE, and the board. It is important that at least one person of the ProCo is at these events, because we want to upload short pieces about the events on the website together with the photos. Your workload will change in the second semester, seeing as you will also be creating the yearbook, but we will make sure that more members will join the ProCo for the yearbook, so it won’t take too big a chunk of your time!