Becoming a member of Etcetera is not only really cheap, but also really awesome! Some of the pros of being an Etcetera member:

  • Exclusive theme parties with lots of other students
  • We have amazing committees.
  • Every year we have a First Years Weekend, a Memberweekend, and a studytrip.
  • We have drinks twice a month!
  • You get a 15% discount during the booksale, and a 10% discount when you buy any non-Dutch book at Atheneum.

Cons? We can’t think of any. So join us today by filling in the e-form below! The membership fee is only €25,- for four years (that’s only €6,25 per year!), or €8,- for one year. By filling in the form, you are automatically signed up for Etcetera’s newsletter, which you can unsubscribe from at any time.

Please note: Etcetera is a studievereniging, not a studentenvereniging – this means there are no “ontgroeningen”, no obligatory activities and no hierarchy, guaranteed!