We are almost always looking for committee members who will run one of our committees: The ACE (Activiteiten Commissie Etcetera), the LLACE (Language and Literary Activities Committee Etcetera), and the ProCo (Promotion Committee. Of course, you are always welcome to send in your great ideas to our committees!

Being a committee gives you experience that you can add to your resume, and it is especially useful when you want to join the Etcetera board at some point in your academic career. As a committee member, you are expected to attend the meetings of your committee, every week or every other week, and to attend the events you organize.

The LLACE (Language and Literary Activities Committee Etcetera): An enthusiastic group of people who will mostly be concerned with organizing exciting and humongous literary or language related events. Examples of previous events are The Open Conference: An Evening of Tolkien, Book My Valentine, or The Literary Festival.
The ACE (Activities Committee Etcetera): You name it, they organize it. The ACE is mostly concerned with the more social aspect of the study association. If you think that playing hide-and-seek in the IKEA is a myth, think again, you can make it happen. Organize an Easter-Beerhunt, SURE, why not? YOU can be a part of it.
The ProCo (Promotion Committee): If you come across any photos or videos of the events mentioned above, you can thank the ProCo for it. These socialites spread the word by talks, posters, and all social media you can possible think of, AND they do a little acquisition on the side. Next to all of that, the ProCo is also in charge of delivering the best recap ever: the yearbook
Writer’s Block magazine: Writer’s Block magazine, though not an official committee of Etcetera, is a fun way to be integrated in the writing and editing business. Every year they publish a number of magazines featuring YOUR stories. If you love to write and read, this is definitely right up your alley


Besides all of that, being in a committee guarantees you a great time and looks good on your resume.