Travel Committee

Hi everyone! We are TraCe – the new travel committee for Etcetera ✨ We are super excited to plan fun day trips, the Member’s Weekend, and the study trip at the end of the year!

Here are their introductions:
Sterre: Hi everyone! I’m Sterre, the chair of TraCE and I am super excited to go on trips with all of you wonderful people! I am basically obsessed with all things fantasy, dark and especially Tim Burton. Don’t hesitate to come talk to me, or I’ll bring my guitar if you just want to jam out to some music together!

Max: Hey! I’m Maximiliane but everyone just calls me Max :) I love Photography, so I’m really looking forward to capturing specials moments and keeping you guys updated about upcoming trips as the Promotional Manager of TraCe! In my free time i’m basically always either reading, playing the piano, or browsing through some cool, little vintage shops xx

Sarah: Hi there, I’m Sarah and I’ll be taking on the role of secretary within this committee. So, if you want to reach out, you can always email me! I can’t wait to connect more with all of you during the upcoming trips! I’d love to take a walk or visit a museum together. ♥︎

Sanne: Hi, I’m Sanne! You already know me as treasurer of Etcetera, but now I’m also treasurer of TraCE. I’m very excited to plan trips with these three wonderful board members and hope to spend some quality time with all of you guys during member’s weekend and the study trip!