Travel Committee

Hi everyone! We are TraCe – the travel committee for Etcetera ✨ We are super excited to plan fun day trips, the Member’s Weekend, and the study trip at the end of the year!

Chair Kiki van Heusden (she/her): I look forward to exploring some fabulous destinations with all of you, visiting everything from bookstores and museums to wacky tourist traps and trashy souvenir shops. Tag along sometime this year and we’ll definitely have a great time!

Secretary Aoife van Opstal (She/Her): I love travelling and discovering new places. In my head I’m always making elaborate plans for a trip that will probably never happen. I would love to hear about your travels and/or plans, and very likely they’ll be added to the already existing travel plans in my head.

Treasurer / PR Casper van Soestbergen (He/Him): I love travelling and IMO there is nothing better than going to a hole in the wall, which slaps. I love to find these small places and spots and I save all of them in my notes app. So if you have any recommendations in Amsterdam or somewhere else I would love to hear ‘em.