What does LLACE do?

The Literary and Language Committee of Etcetera organises events that focus on literature and language. A crucial part of the events are the Book Clubs, where fun discussions about text and author are held, and which are also a great opportunity to meet and interact with other students. Other fun examples are Language and Literature Game Nights, Books That Will Save Your Life (if you’re interested in hearing what your professors are reading), and Poetry Nights. As LLACE, you will also have opportunities to host workshops with the help of UvA professors; last year, LLACE hosted an essay writing workshop and a Fictional Language Workshop that allowed students to learn but also interact with professors in a little bit of a different setting than the traditional classroom.

Become a committee member!

Are you interested in becoming a member of LLACE to help create fun and exciting events for Etcetera members?

As a member of LLACE, you participate in a committee meeting once a week to discuss and organise future events, which you will then host. You are expected to work in a team, come up with new ideas for events, and actively participate in organising events and participating in them. Being on a committee will build your team-building skills, as well as it is a great way to meet new people and get to know other English students. It is an extremely beneficial experience, as you will also develop skills in communication, creativity, and taking on a certain responsibility in organising events. 

There are several positions available:

Chair: As the chair of a committee you are in charge of running the meetings and making sure every member is on track with their tasks. You are in charge of writing the agenda and sharing it with your committee members so everyone can prepare accordingly. 

Secretary: The secretary handles the committee’s email and is responsible for contacting partners for collaborations. You are also in charge of taking notes during the meetings, to keep track of everything that is discussed and future tasks that need to be completed. 

Promotional Manager: You will be in charge of the social media presence of your committee. This includes writing promotions for your events, as well as a review of the event. For posting this, you will be in touch with Etcetera’s Commissary of External Affairs, who will then post your promotion and reviews to our social media. It will also be your job to take pictures during the events to be published with your review.

Treasurer: The treasurer is handling the finances of the committee for which a fixed budget will be provided. This will be particularly important towards the end of the year when you’ll be organising a big event. 

2022 LLACE Members:

Chair – Julie Thilges (She/They):  “Hobbies include (but not limited to): writing, reading, music, and hanging out with my favourite creature, aka my dog. I also have excellent taste in movies so come talk to me about Shrek, Zootopia, and OG Barbie.”

Secretary & Treasurer – Léa Vandervorst (She/Her): “Something to know about me is that I never dress accordingly to the weather. If you see someone without a jacket under the rain it’s probably me. I can’t wait to organise fun events this year!!”

Social Media Manager – Julia Lipska (She/Her): “

Hi all! I love drawing and making little art projects, so if you ever need someone to hang out and make macaroni necklaces with, you know where to find me! Anyway, I can’t wait to capture the genuine joy you will all surely experience when attending our events, so… Hope to see you soon? :)”