ACE’s Secret Santa

Have you ever had to make an (embarrassing) vlog in the hallway of PCH right next to a full class of people? No? Well one of us has! Playing a Secret Santa dice game, on which one side of the dice read ‘truth’ and another read ‘dare’ MIGHT have led to this. I dare you to come to the ACE’s next Secret Santa and have as jolly a time as we had!

Let me tell you how it went: the night was dark and cold, the P.C. Hoofthuis was warm and familiar. The Etcetera family was merry. Everyone brought a secret gift for a secret person and we played a neat little dice game till the night was over. Most wanted gift: a bottle of Smirnoff Ice. (I guess Santa really knows what students are into.) Least wanted dice roll: ‘dare’. We dared Simone to walk into an active classroom but decided it was too much since they were most likely already suffering enough without being bothered by us. There is something mischievous that comes to the surface in all of us when it’s dark outside and you’re at a uni building after hours, you know the feeling. Add some Christmas-y holiday cheer and you’ve got yourself this Etcetera event! Listen, if you enjoy cosiness and cuteness, ACE’s Secret Santa was a night for you.