Yearbook 2017 – 2018

What does the Yearbook do? :

We are transcribing history into paper and bring you a yearbook that shows you all the highlights of the study year. So you can always look back on your amazing bachelor years. A yearbook full of graphical design, beautiful pictures and texts in an original fashion. 

Yearbook Members:

Chair: Jill Pellikaan
Creative Director: Angelique Schriever
Secretary: Angelique Schriever
Treasurer: Cathelijne Top
General Member: Annemijn Maas
General Member: Dorus Asselbergs
General Member: Chantal Roest
General Member: Emma Steur
General Member: Elise van de Linden
General Member: Hymke Flohr
General Member: James Nijman
General Member: David Slot

If you have any questions, or ideas for the yearbook, you can always contact us via