Current Board

Left to right:: Eva, Alexander, Casper, Babette, Yana

The 29th Board of Etcetera! 

Meet the new board, who are looking forward to making this year as memorable as the last!

Chair: Alexander Kesting
Secretary: Eva Struc
Treasurer: Casper van Soesterbergen
Commissary of Internal Affairs: Yana Chausheva
Commissary of External Affairs: Babette Huigsloot

Quick Introductions

Alexander: Hi hi! I’m Alexander and I’ll be sitting on the best board seat this year (chair of course/pun intended). Being the chair of ACE last year was super fun and I want to continue giving students a chill place to connect with others, either academically or socially. I’m the classic literature student who you can find with an Edgar Allen Poe book in his bag at all times. I am also the person that will point out you haven’t drank enough water and two seconds later I will realize I haven’t either. I’m super excited for the upcoming year, it’s going to be an absolute blast!

Eva: Hi y’all!! I’m Eva Struc (no, I’m not Dutch and my surname is not pronounced as Struk/Struck). After being secretary and treasurer of LLACE last year, I upgraded to the role of Secretary for this year’s Etcetera board. Just so you know, my role model for the secretary position is Sayaka from Kakegurui and I really look forward to working with my fellow board members ;)). My literature-related interests are poetry (especially twinks like Rimbaud), Oscar Wilde, and anything Kafka related (yes, including his diaries). However, I’m also one of those people that are interested in too many unrelated things such as astronomy, marine biology, and futuristic tech. I’m also big on music, films, plants, psychology, etc. If I have to tell two truths and a lie about myself I’d say: 1. I have Scuba diving certification, 2. I’m a social butterfly, and 3. My favourite flower is forget-me-nots. If you see me, please come and say hi (to figure out which one is a lie hehhe :))!

Casper: Hello, I’m Casper and I’ll be the treasurer of the Etcetera board for this academic year. I am from the Netherlands and I was raised in two small towns, but now I sorta live in Amsterdam. I’m not your typical English student, because I don’t like to read, however, I do love to listen to stories and watch TV series and films. I love basketball and Hip-Hop, so if you want to have a loonnnggg conversation about those post me up. You can find me in Etcetera’s office or at PCH making bad puns or jokes, so if you see me walking around hit me up and say hi.

Yana: Heyoo! I’m Yana, Etcetera’s new Commissary of Internal Affairs for this year! One thing you should know about me is that I will unintentionally death-stare you (sorry!) but PLEASE don’t let this stop you from approaching me because chances are I’m either admiring your outfit or overthinking what to say. Important matters settled, I’m really into mind training games, escape rooms, puzzles, crosswords, sudoku, or literally anything that forces me to think, though, to be honest, I would much rather just daydream my life away and pretend I’m in a movie or something. Speaking of, I get obsessed with new stuff every few days and spam my socials with it. I also overdose on vanilla lattes a lot; it’s part of my charm. So, if I’ve managed to convince you that I’m friend material, come say hi next time you spot me lurking around the PCH staircases!

Babette: Hello, y’all! My name is Babette and I will be your Commissary of External Affairs this year. You can always make me happy with a weird fun fact, if you want to know my favourite ask me about the fork fact. I like reading, coffee, and breakdancing in the moonlight (like every other English student). Other than the classic English student stuff, I like ceramics (I take classes), cooking, and fun stories about corvids (oh I guess that is very literature student of me). Some of my talents include my ability to go lizard mode (yes that just means taking a nap in the sun), my skill to make the sickest beat you have ever heard using the cracking of my bones, and my mastery of forgetting what I was talking about. I hope this has given you enough ammunition to start a conversation with me if you choose to do so. Looking forward to seeing you all!