Current Board

The 28th Board of Etcetera! 

After a year of following Covid-measures, meet the new board who has high hopes of reinstating physical events and meeting everyone again at PCH!

Chair: Sarah Ligthart
Secretary: Františka Beránková
Treasurer: Sanne Dekker
Commissary of Internal Affairs: Anaïs Bölderl
Commissary of External Affairs: Julie Thilges

Quick Introductions

Sarah: Hi, I’m Sarah and I’m Etcetera’s new Chair! I’m going into my third year of this bachelor (but I still feel like I just arrived here) and I can’t wait to (re)meet everyone and walk the halls of PCH again! I’m always up to play a game—board, card, you name it—but I’m down to talk about more serious things too. I also study Religious Studies so I love talking about religion, history or philosophy! My room is full of plants so if anyone wants to exchange some cuttings: YES PLEASE. I’m very excited to create great events for you all with my lovely fellow board members, and I hope to hug you soon ♡

Františka: My name is Františka Beránková, and I will be the Secretary of Etcetera in the upcoming academic year. After enjoying the ways of university life as a general member of our lovely study association in my first year, and being the Secretary of LLACE in my second year, this feels like the natural next step and I couldn’t be more excited! I am honoured and greatly motivated to continue the strong relationship between our student body and faculty staff, and to organise the best events for you throughout the year. If you spot someone with a tote bag hanging on by its last thread to contain a stack of textbooks, chances are that’s me. If you overhear someone talking about The Beatles, U2, or some niche sci-fi movie… Please feel free to say hi to me :) I look forward to meeting you all!

Sanne: Hi! My name’s Sanne and I’m going to be Etcetera’s treasurer this year. I’m very excited to work alongside my friends and hope to help create loads of new great friendships through Etcetera! I love ice skating so if you plan on going skating on the canals or Museumplein this winter, I’d love to come along! I’ll even teach you some moves if you want ;) Besides ice skating, I also love roller skating (even though I really really suck at it), attending any and all costume parties, sewing costumes for said parties, going to classic car shows, listening to old music and dissociating from reality. Do come and say hi if you see me walking around campus or playing board games in PCH’s Leeuwenkuil! I’d love to get to know you all!

Anaïs: Yo! I’m Anaïs Bölderl, next year’s Commissary of Internal Affairs. Don’t worry about my last name – I don’t really know how to pronounce it either. Just a minor thing about me: I’ve found the perfect balance between basic and eccentric. Chunky shoes, a bunch of chains, and anime merch at PCH? That’s me. Also, I’d tell you to say hi but most of my time spent there actually involves me being fast asleep in one of the silent study rooms. Should you ever catch me in a waking moment though, I’ll most likely be playing 2048 on my phone or staring into the abyss while zoning out (they might be one and the same tbh). Feel free to snap me out of it anytime. Oh, and also – I’m big on hugs. Once it’s no longer illegal to get within a two meter radius of one another, expect to get one!

Julie: Hi, my name is Julie Thilges and I’ll be the Commissary of External Affairs this upcoming year, so I’m also the one lurking behind this account. If you see me at PCH, feel free to approach me! Good ice breakers are music(als), dogs, TV shows and movies (specifically Shrek), and any book really (fanfiction counts too). I drink way too much coffee and not enough water, and you can find me either desperately attempting to teach myself a new language (emphasis on ‘attempt’), or playing the piano. I tend to bother my friends with weird fun facts that I look up in the middle of the night, but if you want to hear any of them, hmu. I can’t wait to see you in person again and hang out with you at our events!