What does ACE do?

The Activities Committee of Etcetera plans fun events for members throughout the year. Their events include game nights, film screenings and pub crawls!

2022 ACE members

Chair & Treasurer – Maria Dicianu (She/Her, They/Them): “Hi, I’m the imposter among us, since I study Media and Culture.”

Secretary (She/Her): “Hey everyone, I’m Kiki and I’m your new secretary of ACE. I’m really into all things vintage & retro so if you also have any particularly groovy interests, let’s discuss ’em!”

Social Media Manager – Babette Huigsloot (She/Her): “I am what others might call an extrovert and thus love hanging out and going on adventures. I cannot wait to see all of you at all our cool events we will organise. ”

As a member of ACE, you participate in a committee meeting once a week to discuss and organise future events.

There are several positions available:

Chair: As the chair of a committee you are in charge of running the meetings and making sure every member is on track with their tasks.

Secretary: The secretary handles the committee’s email and is responsible for contacting partners for collaborations.

Social Media Manager: You will be in charge of the social media presence of your committee. This includes writing promotions for your events, as well as a review of the event. You will publish these posts on our Instagram page. It will also be your job to take pictures during the events to be published with your review.

Treasurer: The treasurer is handling the finances of the committee. This will be particularly important towards the end of the year when you’ll be organising a big event.