ALV and Constitutie Borrel

Our old board is resigning (well, partly) and that means time for kind-of-good-byes and some new faces on the board! A big thanks to the board of 2012-2013, Nora van Arkel (chair), Thomas Wiertz (vice-chair), Lynn Wallagh (treasurer), Anne Groenewegen (secretary), Eva Sundelin (secretary).

Our Algemene Leden Vergadering and the transfer of the jobs will take place this Wednesday, September 25th, at 17:15 at a location tba (this will be updated soon). Join us to find out what the 2012-2013 board’s plans were, where the succeeded, and the 2013-2014 board’s plans for the upcoming year. Also, we are going to celebrate Etcetera’s (previously Arthur) 19th birthday.

Then, our constitutie borrel, the second drinks of the year, will take place the following day, Thursday the 26th, from 17:00 for our members and from 20:00 for the other boards. It is not only the drinks of our constitution, but coincidentally also Arthur’s Day – the day Guinness was founded in 1759.

We hope to see you there for some drinks, talks and live-music!

Board of 2013-2014
Nora van Arkel (chair)
Thomas Wiertz (vice-chair)
Joeri Vrouwenvelder (treasurer)
Annemijn Vogel (commissary extern)
Tessel Rijneveldshoek (secretary)

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