Be Our Next Chair

Is keeping a cool head, leading everyone on the team, and jumping in when someone needs support the task for you? Think about becoming ETC’s new chair! As chair your main tasks are taking the lead and keeping the overview. What this entails is that during Board Events you’ll be the host, and for meetings you make the agenda and keep the board on track. you also keep track of all the events which are happening (board and committees) and try to make sure they’re evenly spaced throughout the month, this also means that you keep track of the Grand Plan you think of at the beginning of the year: how many events you should have per month and when to start planning them. The last task of the chair is support, whenever a board member needs help, you try to find the most viable solution. Being chair can be very challenging, but seeing the result of all of your efforts, not just yours but the entire board, is extremely rewarding.

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