The yearbook is a staple of Etcetera and also of the English department. Every year a host of new students come together to make a completely new yearbook. This brings with it a host of exciting challenges, but not to worry, because every year our amazing committee comes up with brilliant solutions to tackle these challanges together.

What’s in it for you? First of all, you get to make a completely new yearbook, so you gain a lot of experience in how to make something, consequently you’ve an opportunity to develop your skills in a safe environment. Secondly, you meet new people, like your committee members and professors. Lastly, it is fun!

What roles are there? Do you have what it takes to steer the ship in the right direction and have an overview of the whole process, but also help out where needed, then chair would be a great option. You can also be a secretary and this means that you’re taking notes during the meeting. Lastly there is general member, in this role you can do a lot of different things like, graphic design, proofreading, interviewing professors, writer, editor, and photographer. The beautiful thing is that you can just do one thing, but if you want to you can do more.

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