15% Off: First Semester Book Sale

With the beginning of academic year 21/22 quickly approaching, it is time for our bi-yearly bulkweken book sale! As always, for the next weeks, Athenaeum Boekhandel will provide you with the books that you need at a 15% discount on English books for Etcetera Study Association members.  

The book sale will be organised in bulkweken. The weeks will take place from today at 12:00 (noon) to 1st September at 23:00, and during this time you will be able to buy your books with 15% discount. After you have ordered the books, you will receive a confirmation email with details about picking up your order from the Athenaeum Boekhandel store on Spui 14-16. The collection days during which you must pick up your order are between 18:00 and 20:00 on Monday 6th, Wednesday 8th, and Friday 10th September 2021.

NOTE: If you are a member you should have received an email with the discount code and a more detailed explanation. IF YOU HAVE NOT RECEIVED THIS EMAIL, PLEASE SEND US A MESSAGE OR EMAIL AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, SINCE THE SALE IS ONLINE FOR A LIMITED AMOUNT OF TIME ONLY!

Enjoy the rest of your summer break! – Julie

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