Yearbook Committee 2021

This year has certainly been a memorable one, and that’s why the 2020-2021 yearbook will be one to remember! To not let this year and the unique experience slip by undocumented we need to put together a committee of creative minds, writers, and editors, who find a way to capture this extraordinary, this strange and confusing study year with all its ups and downs, challenges, and experiences. In previous years this was done via interviews, photographs, articles, and questionnaires, but of course, it will not be limited to these formats. 

Jobs & Positions

Unlike other committees, the Yearbook committee only has two specific positions. 

Chair: As chair, you are responsible for leading the meetings and making sure everyone stays on top of their work. When someone cannot do their tasks, it is your job to make sure they are still getting done.
Secretary: The secretary takes the minutes during the meeting so that the committee members can come back to them to see what has been discussed. 

The other members do not have specific tasks but instead, we are looking for members with different skills and interests. Taking on one of the mentioned positions does not exclude you from contributing to the yearbook in any way!

We are looking for writers, interviewers, photographers, editors, and anyone who thinks they can contribute to the yearbook in any form. 
Since this year is very different we are especially interested in your ideas on how to approach this.

P.S. Dear first years, we know you have not had your fair chance of getting to know uni life as it would usually be, but we would love to have you on the committee, with your unique perspective on this year. Please do not hesitate to sign up! It will be fine, I promise.

Apply by clicking here and filling out the form. We will arrange a short interview to discuss your ideas and interests.

If you have any questions, email us or send us a message on our social media
We’re looking forward to your applications. 
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