TB: Creative Writing Workshop

LLACE was beyond excited to be celebrating National Novel Writing Month with a workshop led by Dr. Rose van der Zwaard, who provided great insight into what creative writing entails. Along with her powerpoint slides, she encouraged everyone for some writing inspired by creative prompts, as well as a definition and explanation of what creative writing actually is. Attendees were also given insight into creative writing courses available at the Universiteit van Amsterdam before they learned about the seven basic plots used in writing. After this theoretical approach, attendees were once again encouraged to write some short texts themselves, and Dr. van der Zwaard sparked everyone’s imagination with some more prompts along with a “Showing vs. Telling” exercise. Overall, the workshop was very enjoyable for everyone, and Dr. Rose van der Zwaard created an inspiring and motivating atmosphere where people felt comfortable to share their own writing inspired by the prompts. A huge thank you to Dr. van der Zwaard for collaborating with LLACE for this event – it was a pleasure!

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