What it’s like to be chair of ACE

Today, Sev is sharing what it was like for him to be chair of the Activities Committee of Etcetera:

“My time as the chair of ACE was a somewhat unplanned yet pleasant surprise, taking over from our old chair due to unforeseen circumstances meant that I was thrust into the heat of things rather unexpectedly. Nonetheless, getting to grips with the day to day running of a board is a highly collaborative experience, meaning that I never felt overwhelmed or out of my depth. A chief reason for me to join ACE in the first place was the prospect of not only getting to meet more people but also being responsible for organizing get-togethers and events where others could do the same. I have always been interested in the social aspects of academic life, as I believe they form an integral part of the enjoyment of the course, and organizing events such as karaoke nights and pub crawls with people who are not only my fellow board members, but also people I consider to be close friends meant that the work never felt like a chore, no meeting was boring, no event was stressful, and every hurdle could be overcome through collaboration with my peers. All in all, I would recommend the experience to anyone and everyone looking to not only flesh out any potential CVs, but also to help build their organizational and communicative skills, and even to people just looking to have a fun time!”

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