15% off! Book Sale: New Year – New Books

Click here to order your books with a 15% discount now!

With the beginning of academic year 20/21 quickly approaching, it is time for our bi-yearly bulkweken book sale! As always, for the next two weeks Athenaeum Bookstore will provide you with the books that you need at a 15% discount on English books for Etcetera Study Association members.  

The book sale will be organised in bulkweken. The weeks will take place from today to Sunday the 23rd of August, and during this time you will be able to buy your books with 15% discount. After you have ordered the books, you will receive an email explaining when and where you can pick them up.

NOTE: If you are a member you should have received an email with the discount code and a more detailed explanation. IF YOU HAVE NOT RECEIVED THIS EMAIL, PLEASE SEND US A MESSAGE OR EMAIL AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, SINCE THE SALE ONLY LASTS 2 WEEKS!

Enjoy the rest of the summer! -Anne

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