What it’s like to be chair of LLACE!

By last years chair, Jeremy Larsen: “I became Chair of LLACE in my first year in the English Language and Culture programme, which turned out to be a largely beneficial experience for me. It allowed me to become familiar with fellow students, professors, the organisation of on-campus events and the workings of Etcetera early on. Through leading the committee in the planning and executing of literature and language related events, I got the chance to work alongside some very diligent committee members and develop my own communication and leadership skills. Above all, it gave me good reason to keep up involvement in the social life of the programme and commitment to work outside of the study. I can highly recommend the position to anyone who enjoys taking charge, has an interest in hosting fun and interesting events related to language and literature, as well as anyone looking for an opportunity to become familiar with the community of the programme. Plus you get a sweater in a colour of your choice!“ 

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