Booksale 2019

Hey Etceterists!

We all hope you had an amazing summer and are enjoying your last bits of free time until school starts! We know you’d rather not be thinking about school just yet, but to set you up for the new school year we want to let you guys in on the details for the book sale. We now are providing the books you ordered right out of our own office! This way you can take a peak in the heart of Etcetera. There will be two order rounds where you are able to order your books with your special members code on the Athenaeum website. The first round will start on 16 August and end on 28 August 23:59, the pick up date at our office will then be September 3 from 10:30-14:30. The second round is from 29 August and ends on 4 September 23:59, the pick up date will then be on 12 September from 14:00-18:00. Any books you order after that are not included in our book sale.

Click the link to order your books right now:

For any questions feel free to reach out to us!

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