Pub Quiz! ETCxAlumnikring

On a Thursday night, November 1st, 40 people gathered together in Café Sanders for the annual
Alumni pub quiz. The ETC members, professors and alumni members were all in competitive spirits,
ready to try and remember every article they have ever read.

However, the first challenge seemed to be deciding what the team names would be. After some discussion, there were 6 names: The Carrs?, The Weeping Willows, No Teachers Allowed, James’ Angels, Team Four/Five and Free Beer For Everyone. The questions varied from literature to pop-culture, films and linguistics. Although there was no physical trophy, the winners Free Beer For Everyone were over the moon to be awarded delicious candy. Free Beer For Everyone did not buy everyone a beer, however, they did share all of their candy, which was equally as great.

By: Chelsea van der Linden


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