The Sarphatipark is located beautifully in the south of Amsterdam, and therefore was chosen to host ACE’s Beerhunt on the 5th of April.

After the ACE had skilfully hidden all the beer bottles and explained the rules to the people pouring in to join the hunt could commence. People started going around the entirety of the park, leaving no nook and cranny untouched. Nobody was afraid of getting their hands (or shoes) dirty and muddy, it was all about the desired beer bottles and the thrill of the win. People were climbing in trees and searching in bushes, some even teamed up and started looking together.

When all the bottles were eventually found (with some helpful hints from the ACE) we gathered together again to see who had found the most beer bottles.
Sadly, it was already time to go home then, and everyone was going their respective ways thinking about how amazingly fun the Beerhunt had been.

Written by Emma Steur

To see all the pictures, click here. 

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