Open Mic

By Etcetera|March 4, 2018|ACE, News, Throwbacks|

Open Mic

It was not the first time that de Nieuwe Anita opened its welcoming doors for Etcetera´s talented. After the success of Poetry night, our lyrically gifted were once again literally given a podium to shine with their ingenious songs and the occasional well thought-out poetry. Within this personal setting several people and their acts had the chance of humbly showing of their singer song writer skills, in order to be responded to by an enthusiastically applauding audience. In between all of the happy clapping, the room was filled with a suspenseful silence due to the soft and tender guitar riffs, together with rhythmically pleasing, jazzy songs; delicate, fragile voices captivated heavily concentrated looks from all over the audience, and smoothly flowing poetry made people feel deeper than they thought was possible. After the show was finished, it was shortly summarized, recapped and relived upstairs, under the enjoyment of another drink and conversation, to go home with yet another dear memory and the almost factual conclusion that the Open Mic was extraordinarily successful.

Written by Dorus Asselbergs

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