Valentine’s Day Pub Quiz

To celebrate the day of love, Etcetera changed their name to Etdatera and invited their members to join them for a passionate drink and a romantic pub quiz on the night before Valentine’s day.

Once the Taproom was filled with teams ready to go, team names such as ‘The Double D’s’ and ‘Les Pommes D’amour’ declared, board members spread out to the team tables to start the first of five categories. Questions about love songs, stories and rom-coms made it into a close race, with each team giving it their all. With only one category to go, ‘The Undateables and ‘Les Pommes D’amour’ were tied. But the pressure was high and ‘The Undateables’ took the Valentine’s Day Pub Quiz victory and honour home that night.

Written by Angelique Schriever

To see all the pictures, click here.

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