Movie Night

“Would you like to fuck me?”
“Bingo” Joe Marshall, the samurai cop, calmly replied.

We were there to see it. In between its Christmas decorations and after the High School Musical introduction two movies were shown during Movie Night. First the sequel, second the original. In the break between both, there was an opportunity to fill in, as Joe Marshall would definitely support, your own Bingo cards with your predictions of what might have happened and occurred in the first movie. Those with the best insight of what might have happened in the past of the Samurai-LA-universe and of our near future proudly shouted Bingo and left with their prizes. Even though Joe Marshall’s luscious hair and Tommy Wiseau’s incomprehensible screaming did not directly convey the Christmas spirit, Movie Night sure did. The room was regularly filled with joy, laughter and – here and there – wonder over these artfully bad films. In short, Movie Night successfully hit its Bingo.

Written by Dorus Asselbergs

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