Faculty of Fear

If you walked past Club Lite on Friday night the 27th of October, chances are you’ve felt a cold shiver run down your spine. This is because the scariest monsters were gathered here today to party all night! Coming straight outta their coffin, all were driven to this spooky party.

The night started off fairly calm, with only a few creatures to be found. Those that were there however, knew how to party! When a playlist of their favourite 80’s songs came on, the dance floor quickly flooded and some wicked moves were put on display. The few that weren’t in the mood to dance, sat and made small talk on the comfy couches.
Later on things started to get busier, and with that the dance floor became more and more occupied as well. Even though the event was a combined effort from multiple study associations, people weren’t afraid to mingle, and soon enough everyone had met someone new with who they could dance, talk or just chill.

All in all, the Halloween party was a success. It wasn’t only fun to see what everyone came up with to wear – and see them struggle to dance (or drink) with their choice in clothing afterwards –, but also gave everyone the chance to broaden their horizons and talk to someone new, all while being their spooky best.

Written by Emma Steur

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