First Year’s Weekend

There is a first time for everything. There is a first time for walking, talking and kissing, and there is a first time for travelling to somewhere in Overijsel, in order to spend the weekend with several other first years and the Etcetera board. The weekend started on Friday the 6th of October and was far, far from forgettable.

After having arrived on Friday everyone chose their beds, had dinner and briefly rested from the journey. The evening started off with a pub quiz, in which everybody was divided up into groups, both to bond and to fanatically try to win. When the quiz was finished, the questions stopped, however the bonding continued. Under the enjoyment of several beverages there were games being played, conversations being held and soothing background music being listened to. The night went on until just before sunrise and was followed by a few hours of sleep and a less active morning.

The next day people slept in or relaxed on the couch listening to live music being made. In the afternoon a game of Crazy 88 was played. Some stayed in or around the house, working for every point they were able to get, others went on a nice hike in the surrounding area and used the fresh air to wake up a bit more. After some more relaxation and dinner, the evening started again. For a few people this one was even harder than the one before; the night went on even longer and drinks flowed even more abundantly. Dehydrated and mildly suffering from insomnia everyone went home in groups on Sunday, in order to give their body the comfort and rest it deserved after these heavy but extremely fun two days.

In short, First Year’s Weekend was full of new experiences, new stories and new memories. It was full of first times, of which most important, a first time of speaking to people you had never had the chance to speak to before, to learn new names and make new friends. In between 8-hours-of-healthy-sleep-ruining activities, bone fractures and at least as unhealthy drinking games, first years weekend was an enrichment to a just begun English university career.

Written by Dorus Asselbergs

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