Position: Chair of the LLACE

Starting next schoolyear the LACE will be know as the LLACE. And they are looking for a new chair! The Language & Literary Activities Committee is in charge of events related to language, literature, and the study itself.

As chair you will be responsible for the meetings (1 meeting every week), communication, and the end product. The work load is about 15 to 20 hours every month, excluding events. In the beginning of the year you will also need to be present at the interviews for the general members of the committees. So together with the Commissary of Internal Affairs, Hymke, you will play an instrumental part in choosing your fellow members.
The chair should possess some leadership skills. Also, as chair you should not be afraid to communicate with teachers, and you shouldn’t easily be taken by stress. Considering that the events will run throughout the whole year you need to be able to plan ahead, as to avoid stressful situations during exam weeks. Of course, you are completely free to organise whatever event you feel would be fun and/or educative, as long as they adhere to the overall theme of the LLACE. We would like the LLACE to at least organise one event every two months, and one per month where possible.

If you feel like you are the right person for the LLACE, please send your CV and a small motivation to studievereniging.etc@gmail.com. The deadline is 9th of July at midnight.

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