TB: Denise Mina Talk

With the Alumnikring Engels and LLACE, award-winning crime author Denise Mina gave attendees an insight into what it is like to be an author, what crime writing entails, how to start a novel, the importance of talking about income in the arts, and what the challenges of writing crime are without glorifying the criminals and their acts. Mina reminded everyone that if you can tell someone a story, you can

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TB: The Night Circus – Book Club

Despite hosting the book club the week after exams, LLACE was thrilled to see familiar faces and discuss this awesome book. We thoroughly enjoyed exchanging ideas on themes (such as family, magic, childhood, tents) and to hear your insights on all of them. In addition, the bingo-game that we played was a lot of fun (and giving our bingo-winners Emma and Anne the chance of picking out a book for

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LLACE’s Goodreads

If you have an account on Goodreads, go send LLACE a friend-request to receive reading updates from them and to be able to read their reviews of the books chosen for the bookclub! LLACE will also provide you with book recommendations, so take a look at their bio from time to time!

Board Day 2020

Life update from the board: Yesterday we attended the ASVA Amsterdam Board Day, which gave us the opportunity to learn new skills we might need throughout the year, as well as exchange ideas with other boards! We had a lovely time (and pizza)!

Throwback – Picnic at Beatrixpark

Some pictures from our first in-person event of the academic year! It was such a pleasure seeing all your faces in person again and also meeting new first years. Special thanks to David for baking sourdough bread and to everyone who showed up. We hope to see you soon and until then, stay tuned for our online events! You can find our upcoming events here.

Meet the new LLACE committee

Attention! We’re excited to announce that there is a new LLACE committee! Smrithika, Františka, Annemijn, Julie, and Anne are ready to plan new events for you! We’re incredibly excited to have these guys on board and can’t wait for their ideas and events.

Welcome Back Movie Night!

Etcetera is back and ready to kick off the year with a first event! It’s time for the first movie night of the year. Due to safety measures, it will be online via Netflix Party (The link will be provided soon). On Facebook you can find a poll to vote what film we’re going to watch.  

Become a Buddy!

The Buddy system is designed for new students to help them settle into university life. Every first-year will be matched with an older student who will be their buddy, helping them out in these odd times. If you are a new student and would like to have someone to help you through the first weeks of your study this is for you, too! Follow this link, whether you are a

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What it’s like to be chair of ACE

Today, Sev is sharing what it was like for him to be chair of the Activities Committee of Etcetera: “My time as the chair of ACE was a somewhat unplanned yet pleasant surprise, taking over from our old chair due to unforeseen circumstances meant that I was thrust into the heat of things rather unexpectedly. Nonetheless, getting to grips with the day to day running of a board is a

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