Memberweekend 2018

By Etcetera|February 12, 2018|News, Throwbacks|

For a few days at the beginning of February, Etcetera and its members left the noisy streets, misguided tourists and the chaotic bicycle lanes of Amsterdam, to come and visit the quiet and peaceful town of Dwingeloo. On Friday evening everyone arrived at the house, the Vogelzang, which was destined for two upcoming days of fun and memorable mischief. After some exploration in and around the building, together with the

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Movie Night

By Etcetera|December 11, 2017|ACE, News, Throwbacks|

“Would you like to fuck me?” “Bingo” Joe Marshall, the samurai cop, calmly replied. We were there to see it. In between its Christmas decorations and after the High School Musical introduction two movies were shown during Movie Night. First the sequel, second the original. In the break between both, there was an opportunity to fill in, as Joe Marshall would definitely support, your own Bingo cards with your predictions

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Night of Poetry

By Etcetera|December 1, 2017|LLACE, News, Throwbacks|

On the 22nd of November, poets and poetry lovers joined together for a poetry night in ‘De Nieuwe Anita’. The event, organised by LLACE, consisted of three activities: writing a poem based on an object and genre, writing a chain poem and an open mic. At the beginning of the evening, everyone was getting accustomed to the cosy surroundings of the venue and got their drinks from the bar, after

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Bread and Games!

By Etcetera|November 26, 2017|ACE, News, Throwbacks|

Monday, on the 13th of November, Etcetera´s ACE organised a game night. Around 6 pm the contest started; people were divided in four groups, and assigned to play certain games. After four hours of hardcore participating and fanatically playing there was a winner. Team blue turned out to have become victorious and was able to pick up their price. However, in between the somewhat worrying word choices during cards against

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Alumni Pub Quiz

By Etcetera|November 23, 2017|News, Throwbacks|

On Thursday November 9th, Etcetera and the Alumnikring came together to bring everyone a night filled with beer, questions, and fun. A healthy mix of students and teachers gathered in Sanders to form teams and channel their inner Wikipedia to win the Pub quiz. Although not everyone was victorious, like team “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”, some came out on top, team “La Dolce Vita”. Of course, we can’t forget about

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Faculty of Fear

By Etcetera|November 23, 2017|News, Throwbacks|

If you walked past Club Lite on Friday night the 27th of October, chances are you’ve felt a cold shiver run down your spine. This is because the scariest monsters were gathered here today to party all night! Coming straight outta their coffin, all were driven to this spooky party. The night started off fairly calm, with only a few creatures to be found. Those that were there however, knew

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First Year’s Weekend

By Etcetera|October 27, 2017|News, Throwbacks|

There is a first time for everything. There is a first time for walking, talking and kissing, and there is a first time for travelling to somewhere in Overijsel, in order to spend the weekend with several other first years and the Etcetera board. The weekend started on Friday the 6th of October and was far, far from forgettable. After having arrived on Friday everyone chose their beds, had dinner

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By Etcetera|October 12, 2017|News, Throwbacks|

On Tuesday, September 12th, the new board rang in their year with their members and other boards. The Etcetera board celebrated their upcoming year at café Waterkant Amsterdam. They had several boards of the humanities visit them with presents and a long winded speech to motivate them to make this year one of the greatest. They say the longer the speech, the better the board will fare. After most of

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First Impressions!

By Etcetera|September 23, 2017|News, Throwbacks|

School has begun again and so has all the homework. the sleepless nights, the long rows for much-needed caffeine boosts, and deadline stress. With all of that looming over us we would like to look back at the simpler, and warmer, days of summer. Every year, the school year gets kicked off with the Intreeweek, a week where the first-years get one last chance to misbehave before they will be chained

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19 September: Essay Session

By Etcetera|September 14, 2017|Events, News|

For all of you who are still nervous about writing an essay or have actually never done it, we organize an essay session. The first essays are coming up and everyone can use a little help with the preparations. In this hour there will be a lecturer, Dr Jochem Riesthuis, who will explain to you the main things that are expected of you when writing an essay and there will

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