Booksale 2019

By Etcetera|August 19, 2019|News|

Hey Etceterists! We all hope you had an amazing summer and are enjoying your last bits of free time until school starts! We know you’d rather not be thinking about school just yet, but to set you up for the new school year we want to let you guys in on the details for the book sale. We now are providing the books you ordered right out of our own

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First Year’s Weekend

By Etcetera|October 11, 2018|Events, News, Throwbacks|

Even though the 90s have been over for eighteen years now, yes you really are that old,  thirty excited English students travelled back in time to Zwiggelte, where we landed in a world filled with scrunchies, denim jackets and chokers. After a, what seemed never-ending, train ride, we finally arrived in Zwiggelte; a place full of horses and nature. The beers were cold and we were ready for the pub

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Books That Will Save Your Life

By Etcetera|May 25, 2018|LLACE, News, Throwbacks|

Before the 17th of May it was thought more than unlikely to peacefully get civil rights ambassador Malcom X, a giant, men-eating whale and a creative, but struggling 17 year old girl, into one room. Yet, Etcetera once again accomplished the close to impossible. LLACE’s Books that will save your life took place in the UvA’s library and brought forth three intriguing speakers, together with their stories on how certain

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Write Fight

By Etcetera|May 16, 2018|ACE, LLACE, News, Throwbacks|

On the 2nd of May several members of Etcetera gathered at café Schuim for an event organized by both the LLACE and the ACE, and what does one get when combining thought-through literature and plain, eventful fun? The enjoyable, mildly shocking combination of rapidly written spawns known as fan fiction. Write Fight started off with a small pub quiz: Teams were made, and afterwards given names – about which I

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By Etcetera|April 12, 2018|ACE, News, Throwbacks|

The Sarphatipark is located beautifully in the south of Amsterdam, and therefore was chosen to host ACE’s Beerhunt on the 5th of April. After the ACE had skilfully hidden all the beer bottles and explained the rules to the people pouring in to join the hunt could commence. People started going around the entirety of the park, leaving no nook and cranny untouched. Nobody was afraid of getting their hands

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Jeopardy Night

By Etcetera|March 26, 2018|LLACE, News, Throwbacks|

Where the wind makes trees whisper, the LLACE filled the Terpentijn with a blast of sound and joy, called jeopardy. On the 13th of March some of Etcetera’s members gathered at the pub to test their knowledge in a more non-judging and casual setting. The participants were divided into three teams, which had to compete for gold and – only for the smartest – silver coins. Even though these were

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Join the board!

By Etcetera|March 7, 2018|News|

The time has come! We are looking for new board members to run Etcetera next school year! We are looking for enthusiastic people who want to become part of next year’s board. As a board member you will be in charge of the whole of etcetera. This is the perfect opportunity to become more involved with the association and to learn some new skills. Not only is doing a board

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Open Mic

By Etcetera|March 4, 2018|ACE, News, Throwbacks|

Open Mic It was not the first time that de Nieuwe Anita opened its welcoming doors for Etcetera´s talented. After the success of Poetry night, our lyrically gifted were once again literally given a podium to shine with their ingenious songs and the occasional well thought-out poetry. Within this personal setting several people and their acts had the chance of humbly showing of their singer song writer skills, in order

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Valentine’s Day Pub Quiz

By Etcetera|February 23, 2018|News, Throwbacks|

To celebrate the day of love, Etcetera changed their name to Etdatera and invited their members to join them for a passionate drink and a romantic pub quiz on the night before Valentine’s day. Once the Taproom was filled with teams ready to go, team names such as ‘The Double D’s’ and ‘Les Pommes D’amour’ declared, board members spread out to the team tables to start the first of five

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