20 September: Office Party

For two hours only the Etcetera office will be transformed into the hottest bar in town! Join the board and the UVA’s best teachers for a couple of after school drinks.This is the perfect opportunity to ask them all about their favourite book, what colour sweaters they knit for their pets, or any other question you have been dying to ask them. Don’t miss out, and join us at our

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12 September: CoBo (Constitution drinks)

  Wind down from the first week and a half school and join the new board for drinks at their Constitution Borrel, or CoBO. During the CoBo we, the new board, will celebrate the start of the year. This is also a nice opportunity to find who are in the boards of humanities’ other study assocaitions. Or it is just a nice excuse to have few drinks and a good

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12 September: ORCA (Open (R) Committee Afternoon)

Join us for the ORCA, Open (R) Committee Afternoon. At the ORCA we will tell you all about the different committees you can join. If you are considering joining a committee this is the place to be. The board and the Chairs of the committees will use this hour to explain what each committee does and how you can join them. We will also answer any and all questions you

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31 August: Intreeweek Drinks

Don’t you love that moment during the first day of the school year where you get to reconnect with your friend and tell them all about your summer holidays? Well, we sure do. That’s why we wanted to move this moment forward and add drinks to it!! If you want to join us you can find us at Molly Mallones at 8 pm! For more information and to RSVP check

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2nd of June: ALV

The end of the academic year is nearing and so is the end of the Board of ’16-’17. Luckily, we have been preparing for the end and by then we will have selected a brand new board, which we will introduce to you at the ALV. Come to Hanneke’s Boom afterwards to celebrate this new board with us. Check out the event on Facebook!

7th of June: Department Drinks

Hey Everyone! For the last official Etcetera drinks we have invited all the teachers as well. Let’s all have a drink together and discuss everyone’s plans for the summer. Join us for this magical evening at Sanders! (ps. the drinks are a little earlier than usual) Check out the Facebook event!

16th of June: Bookhunt

LACE and ACE will combine their love for books and cool activities to bring you our book hunt! We will map out trails full of books, riddles and puzzles for you to find and solve. This will be one of the last events of the year so make sure to come and demonstrate your best hunting skills! Check out the Facebook event!

22nd of June: Game of Thrones Conference

Paapa-papapapaa-papapapaa… True Game of Thrones connoisseurs know that the 7th and penultimate season of Game of Thrones will air this year on July 16th. In this epic event, four speakers will bring you four unique lectures on Game of Thrones. This will be an evening you don’t want to miss, so quickly sign up on the Facebook page and we’ll hold the door for you.

29th of June: Potluck Barbecue

Nothing brings people together like food, right? That’s what we were thinking too! To celebrate the end of another academic year, we’re organising a Potluck Barbecue on the 29th of June! For a small fee we’ll provide you with a plethora of meat and other goodies! Since sharing is caring, feel free to bring your grandma’s infamous potato salad! Sign up for barbecue before June 16th on the Facebook event!