TB: January Book Club

This book club was different from the previous ones – there was not a lot of laughter as usual, and no game, because it just didn’t feel appropriate with a topic as heavy as the one in ‘The Tattooist of Auschwitz’. But like David said, the book club wasn’t fun, but things don’t always have to be fun – and he’s absolutely right. It’s important to have serious conversations about

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TB: Harry Potter Pub Quiz

After an exhausting week of exams, the competition was on, and we want to congratulate Dylan Zondag who won our pub quiz and our prize of “Harry Potter”-themed stickers. We had a lovely time and we appreciated being able to chat with you afterwards – it was nice catching up, and it was a lot of fun putting your HP knowledge of both the books and the movies to the

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TB: Narnia Book Club

LLACE was delighted to see so many familiar faces at the book club and to forget the current cold and stressful times to discuss The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (and the other books in the series). From discussing themes such as characters, symbolisms, adventure, to derailing and talking about other literary works and authors, the event was a relaxed ambience and provided a nice opportunity for talking with

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TB: “The Social Dilemma” Movie Night

In corporation with Dr. Viktorija Kostadinova Etcetera organised a linguistic-inspired movie night to watch “The Social Dilemma”. The documentary discusses social media, and how it influences our life, but most importantly, how companies control and profit from social media users. Following the Teleparty, we discussed these issues, our opinions, and our own experiences. Thanks to Viktorija for guiding the discussion and everyone who attended for sharing your opinions and the

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TB: Creative Writing Workshop

LLACE was beyond excited to be celebrating National Novel Writing Month with a workshop led by Dr. Rose van der Zwaard, who provided great insight into what creative writing entails. Along with her powerpoint slides, she encouraged everyone for some writing inspired by creative prompts, as well as a definition and explanation of what creative writing actually is. Attendees were also given insight into creative writing courses available at the

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TB: Pub quiz

Thank you for attending our pub quiz! We had a great time answering questions about music, films, literature, and Etc’s special “Corona-timeline” category. Congrats to our winner, Emma!

Throwback: Essay Writing Workshop

With almost 50 participants, the workshop was a success! LLACE was excited to see so many familiar and new faces on Zoom, and we all hope that Dr. Carr’s tips will help you write that perfect essay. Now you know how to start your essay, how to build your arguments, how to wrap it all up in a conclusion – and most importantly, time-management is key to a good essay. Special

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Throwback – Picnic at Beatrixpark

Some pictures from our first in-person event of the academic year! It was such a pleasure seeing all your faces in person again and also meeting new first years. Special thanks to David for baking sourdough bread and to everyone who showed up. We hope to see you soon and until then, stay tuned for our online events! You can find our upcoming events here.