By Etcetera|October 12, 2017|News, Throwbacks|

On Tuesday, September 12th, the new board rang in their year with their members and other boards. The Etcetera board celebrated their upcoming year at café Waterkant Amsterdam. They had several boards of the humanities visit them with presents and a long winded speech to motivate them to make this year one of the greatest. They say the longer the speech, the better the board will fare. After most of

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First Impressions!

By Etcetera|September 23, 2017|News, Throwbacks|

School has begun again and so has all the homework. the sleepless nights, the long rows for much-needed caffeine boosts, and deadline stress. With all of that looming over us we would like to look back at the simpler, and warmer, days of summer. Every year, the school year gets kicked off with the Intreeweek, a week where the first-years get one last chance to misbehave before they will be chained

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