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And what a sensation it was! On the 7th of February, we were gathered at ‘De Nieuwe Anita’ once again for an epic night of fun and translation. The night started off a little roughly, because a lot of the trams weren’t driving that day, but that didn’t subdue the fun one bit. The people that were already there, got together downstairs and entertained each other with funny stories and

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Night of Poetry

By Etcetera|December 1, 2017|LLACE, News, Throwbacks|

On the 22nd of November, poets and poetry lovers joined together for a poetry night in ‘De Nieuwe Anita’. The event, organised by LLACE, consisted of three activities: writing a poem based on an object and genre, writing a chain poem and an open mic. At the beginning of the evening, everyone was getting accustomed to the cosy surroundings of the venue and got their drinks from the bar, after

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Position: Chair of the LLACE

By Etcetera|June 15, 2017|Committees, LLACE, News|

Starting next schoolyear the LACE will be know as the LLACE. And they are looking for a new chair! The Language & Literary Activities Committee is in charge of events related to language, literature, and the study itself. As chair you will be responsible for the meetings (1 meeting every week), communication, and the end product. The work load is about 15 to 20 hours every month, excluding events. In the

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16th of June: Bookhunt

By Etcetera|May 29, 2017|ACE, Events, LLACE, News|

LACE and ACE will combine their love for books and cool activities to bring you our book hunt! We will map out trails full of books, riddles and puzzles for you to find and solve. This will be one of the last events of the year so make sure to come and demonstrate your best hunting skills! Check out the Facebook event!

22nd of June: Game of Thrones Conference

By Etcetera|May 29, 2017|Events, LLACE, News|

Paapa-papapapaa-papapapaa… True Game of Thrones connoisseurs know that the 7th and penultimate season of Game of Thrones will air this year on July 16th. In this epic event, four speakers will bring you four unique lectures on Game of Thrones. This will be an evening you don’t want to miss, so quickly sign up on the Facebook page and we’ll hold the door for you.

11th of April: LACE’s Barlecture

By Etcetera|April 6, 2017|Events, LLACE, News|

Lectures and seminars are all so terribly official, aren’t they? That’s why the LACE is organizing our very first Bar Lecture: a casual get-together with a small group of students and one of our teachers. Kicking-off this new event is our own Dr. Jochem Riesthuis, who’ll be talking to and with us about a current topic. The Bar Lecture will take place on April 11th, 20:00 at Cafe De Bieb. For more

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16th of February: Books Over Looks: Valentine’s day with LACE!

By Etcetera|February 7, 2017|Events, LLACE, News|

Taken or single, be ready to mingle! Because on the 16th, the LACE is presenting its Valentine’s Day event: ‘Books Over Looks: Valentine’s day with LACE’! On this night of games and competition, the LACE will hone your romantic skills and you can even earn the title of ‘Etcetera’s Romantic Person of the Year’! If that doesn’t get you any late Valentine dates… Sign up on the Facebook event to join.

12th of January: Books that will save your life

By Etcetera|February 7, 2017|Events, LLACE, News|

Of all the books you have read, which one meant the most to you? Which books have had the most unforgettable and undeniable influence on your life so far? During Books That Will Save Your Life, organized by our awesome LACE, four different speakers will present their answers to these questions. Sounds great? Sounds awesome? Sign up on facebook now!

LLACE 2017 – 2018

By Etcetera|November 7, 2014|LLACE|

What does the LLACE do? (the Literary & Language Activities Committee Etcetera): An enthusiastic group of people who will mostly be concerned with organizing exciting, humongous literary events. Examples of previous events are: The Open Conference: An Evening of Tolkien, Book My Valentine or The Literary Festival. LLACE Members: Chair: Rebecca Tjon Kam Secretary: Isabeau Bronneberg Treasurer: Rebecca Doets General Member: Dorien Rijkens If you have any questions, literary or language

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