15% Off: First Semester Book Sale

With the beginning of academic year 21/22 quickly approaching, it is time for our bi-yearly bulkweken book sale! As always, for the next weeks, Athenaeum Boekhandel will provide you with the books that you need at a 15% discount on English books for Etcetera Study Association members.   The book sale will be organised in bulkweken. The weeks will take place from today at 12:00 (noon) to 1st September at 23:00, and during this time you will be able to buy

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Throwback: June Book Club

And with this book club, LLACE wraps up its events for this academic year! We gathered this sunny evening to discuss Tillie Walden’s brilliant graphic novel “On a Sunbeam”. We talked about the characters, the diverse storylines, the illustrations, escapism, friendship, love, secrets, mysteries and the beautiful world this story is built in. The collective rating of the book was 4.875, which looks promising! We were looking for a wholesome,

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TB: March Book Club

To honour Women’s History Month, Michelle Obama’s podcast was definitely the right choice, and discussing topics such as diversity in leadership, failure, race, to name but a few, was a great way to spend our evening. It is safe to say that podcasts are a great choice to listen to, and Michelle Obama’s down-to-earth conversation with her mentors and mentees was definitely the right pick for this book club.

TB: PSE Workshop

A huge thank you to everyone who participated in our sign language workshop, we were thrilled to have you all there and learn the basics of PSE along with you. From learning the alphabet to learning greetings, questions, literature-related terms, and signs for emergencies, we were super excited and hope you were too. Big thanks to Milena for hosting such a successful evening, and for being such a great tutor.

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TB: February Book Club

This book club was a little different from our previous ones, as this was a collaboration with our student magazine Writer’s Block! From reading their 45th issue, to planning the book club together, to finally discussing it on Zoom, attendees also had the opportunity to talk with the editors, illustrators, and authors about what the process of writing is like, as well as exchanging ideas and thoughts on the respective

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TB: Bake & Chat

What batter way to ring in the weekend than to bake, eat, and chat? Along with discussing movies (particularly the bad ones), participants asked and provided for some very useful tips on how to cope with (online) uni life, including managing stress and workload. We loved seeing some new faces and the yummy goods people brought with them – a big thank you to all who came, and remember: keep

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TB: Catch Me If You Can Movie Night

Judging from the chat on the side, it is clear that this movie was the right pick: following Tom Hanks as he kept chasing Leonardo DiCaprio around the globe, we were all into the movie and those who hadn’t seen it before, were both thrilled and agitated towards the end of it. If you couldn’t attend, we highly recommend this exciting and touching story, and thank you to everyone who

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TB: January Book Club

This book club was different from the previous ones – there was not a lot of laughter as usual, and no game, because it just didn’t feel appropriate with a topic as heavy as the one in ‘The Tattooist of Auschwitz’. But like David said, the book club wasn’t fun, but things don’t always have to be fun – and he’s absolutely right. It’s important to have serious conversations about

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Yearbook Committee 2021

This year has certainly been a memorable one, and that’s why the 2020-2021 yearbook will be one to remember! To not let this year and the unique experience slip by undocumented we need to put together a committee of creative minds, writers, and editors, who find a way to capture this extraordinary, this strange and confusing study year with all its ups and downs, challenges, and experiences. In previous years

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