TB: Narnia Book Club

LLACE was delighted to see so many familiar faces at the book club and to forget the current cold and stressful times to discuss The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (and the other books in the series). From discussing themes such as characters, symbolisms, adventure, to derailing and talking about other literary works and authors, the event was a relaxed ambience and provided a nice opportunity for talking with

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TB: “The Social Dilemma” Movie Night

In corporation with Dr. Viktorija Kostadinova Etcetera organised a linguistic-inspired movie night to watch “The Social Dilemma”. The documentary discusses social media, and how it influences our life, but most importantly, how companies control and profit from social media users. Following the Teleparty, we discussed these issues, our opinions, and our own experiences. Thanks to Viktorija for guiding the discussion and everyone who attended for sharing your opinions and the

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TB: Creative Writing Workshop

LLACE was beyond excited to be celebrating National Novel Writing Month with a workshop led by Dr. Rose van der Zwaard, who provided great insight into what creative writing entails. Along with her powerpoint slides, she encouraged everyone for some writing inspired by creative prompts, as well as a definition and explanation of what creative writing actually is. Attendees were also given insight into creative writing courses available at the

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TB: Denise Mina Talk

With the Alumnikring Engels and LLACE, award-winning crime author Denise Mina gave attendees an insight into what it is like to be an author, what crime writing entails, how to start a novel, the importance of talking about income in the arts, and what the challenges of writing crime are without glorifying the criminals and their acts. Mina reminded everyone that if you can tell someone a story, you can

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TB: The Night Circus – Book Club

Despite hosting the book club the week after exams, LLACE was thrilled to see familiar faces and discuss this awesome book. We thoroughly enjoyed exchanging ideas on themes (such as family, magic, childhood, tents) and to hear your insights on all of them. In addition, the bingo-game that we played was a lot of fun (and giving our bingo-winners Emma and Anne the chance of picking out a book for

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TB: Pub quiz

Thank you for attending our pub quiz! We had a great time answering questions about music, films, literature, and Etc’s special “Corona-timeline” category. Congrats to our winner, Emma!

LLACE’s Goodreads

If you have an account on Goodreads, go send LLACE a friend-request to receive reading updates from them and to be able to read their reviews of the books chosen for the bookclub! LLACE will also provide you with book recommendations, so take a look at their bio from time to time!

Throwback: Essay Writing Workshop

With almost 50 participants, the workshop was a success! LLACE was excited to see so many familiar and new faces on Zoom, and we all hope that Dr. Carr’s tips will help you write that perfect essay. Now you know how to start your essay, how to build your arguments, how to wrap it all up in a conclusion – and most importantly, time-management is key to a good essay. Special

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September Bookclub Throwback!

As you can tell from our smiling faces, LLACE’s bookclub was a success! We had a lot of fun with everyone who attended, and we thoroughly enjoyed discussing ‘Persepolis’ with you 📚Watching a video to get to know Marjane Satrapi, summarizing the two volumes, hearing your thoughts on the story, discussing characters, various themes and symbols, the political background, quotes, and the illustrations – all of that was a blast!Big thanks

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Board Day 2020

Life update from the board: Yesterday we attended the ASVA Amsterdam Board Day, which gave us the opportunity to learn new skills we might need throughout the year, as well as exchange ideas with other boards! We had a lovely time (and pizza)!