Order your books

Hello everybody! Last week the book sale for the second semester started. You can order your books until the 28th of January on http://sv.athenaeum.nl/ From now on it is 18% off in the English section instead of 15%!!!!! Don’t forget to order your books The Etcetera board

Memberweekend 2014

Coming Wednesday (December 11) from 1pm you can sign up for the memberweekend that takes place Friday 7 to Monday 10 February 2014! We’ll go to Broek in Waterland for 3 nights and fun, food and booze is included in the price of only 78,-. It is only a short ride by bus, but we expect you to use your OV! Join us on this fun weekend between, goats, sheep,

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Kerstgala 2013

Hii everybody! This year Etcetera organized a Kerstgala together with some pretty awesome studieverenigingen van Geesteswetenschappen. There are only a few tickets left so if you want to go send an email to studievereniging.etc@gmail.com as soon as possible!! Hope to see y’all there

December Sinterklaas drinks

Hello everybody! Our december drinks are moved from December 4th to thursday the 12th! Take a break from your studying and come have a little late Sinterklaas party at our usual place. Hope to see you there!

November drinks: Friends edition

Hello everybody! Tomorrow will be our infamous thursday drinks again! This time it will be even more special since we ask you to invite your friends. Do you have a Joey or maybe even a Barney in your address book invite them for a great night at our usual Molly Malones. Hope to see y’all tomorrow! The Etcetera board

ETC merch available now!

You’re now able to order the most comfortable and awesome zip-hoodies and t-shirts! The zip-hoodies go in sizes XS-XL, though they might be a bit large on you if you’re not that tall/a girl/a not that tall girl, and are Bordeaux-red. These will cost €35,-. The t-shirts are dark-blue and come in sizes XS-XL, and will cost €20,-. The deadline to order is November 25. Go to the ‘ETC merch‘

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Halloween Drinks with Maecenas

Thursday October 31st is the next drinks, and on Halloween, we should celebrate that in style. Or at least a bit. So bring your fangs/ bunny ears /Iron Man suit/ unicorn horn / Elvis Presley attire / fake blood (only fake blood, thank you) / Daenerys outfit / Harry Potter glasses and come have a beer with us! This time, Etcetera will be celebrating this Halloween with Maecenas, the study

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ALV and Constitutie Borrel

Our old board is resigning (well, partly) and that means time for kind-of-good-byes and some new faces on the board! A big thanks to the board of 2012-2013, Nora van Arkel (chair), Thomas Wiertz (vice-chair), Lynn Wallagh (treasurer), Anne Groenewegen (secretary), Eva Sundelin (secretary). Our Algemene Leden Vergadering and the transfer of the jobs will take place this Wednesday, September 25th, at 17:15 at a location tba (this will be

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Etcetera’s Very First Introduction Weekend

This year, Etcetera will be organizing her very first Introduction Weekend. This weekend is mostly meant for first years and exchange students. During these few days, lots of fun activities will be on the agenda. You have the chance to get to know your fellow students better during our stay at Logement Waterland in the neighbourhood of Broek en Waterland. The trip will be held from Friday afternoon 4th of

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Boekverkoop 1e semester

Het nieuwe collegejaar staat voor de deur, en daarmee ook de boekverkoop voor semester 1. Zoals jullie uiteraard weten organiseren we deze samen met boekhandel Athenaeum waardoor we jullie 15% korting op jullie studieboeken kunnen geven! Vanaf heden kun je boeken bestellen via de website: http://sv.athenaeum.nl/. Bestel je je boeken vóór 1 september, dan kan je ze vanaf 5 september bij ons ophalen. Mocht deze deadline te krap voor je

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