Algemene Leden Vergadering

Our old board is resigning (well, partly) and that means time for kind-of-good-byes and some new faces on the board! A big thanks to the board of 2013-2014, Nora van Arkel (chair), Thomas Wiertz (vice-chair), Joeri Vrouwenvelder (treasurer), Tessel Rijneveldshoek (secretary), Annemijn Vogel (commissary of external affairs). Our Algemene Leden Vergadering and the transfer of the jobs will take place Thursday, September 25th, at 17:00 in Bungehuis 0.15.  Join us

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Firstyears Weekend

Great news for all the fresh, new, First Year Students! We will be opening up subscriptions for the First Years Weekend on Friday the 5th of September at 15:00! So be there as soon as possible, because there is only a limited number of spots available (max. 32). Just to be clear, subscriptions will only be available for First Year Students on this weekend, because it is meant as an

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Booksale Semester I: Information

Dear students of English Language & Culture, The beginning of September is drawing near and for you to be well prepared we are organizing a booksale again. Athenaeum Bookstore will provide you with the books you need with an 18 percent discount on the English books and an 10 percent discount on the obligatory Dutch books. As always, there are 2 rounds to order your books. The first round starts

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The Last Friday: but Beards and Mustaches are forever.

At the last Friday of the Academic Year, we will be hosting an ETC only house party at our ComEx Annemijn’s place, and we call it: ‘The Last Friday: but Beards and Mustaches are Forever’. That is also the theme. Your interpretations are very welcome. And so are you. For this party, there is a guest list, that you can sign up to via a link that will be posted

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Wanted: New Board

Today is the day to send in your board applications and to make yourself part of the new board 2014-2014. If you are that person, you’ll find that you’ll learn a lot, have a great thing to add to your resume, that you’ll receive a fair ‘board scholarship’ for all the work you do throughout the year, and, most importantly, that you’ll have a lot of fun in all of

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Pubquiz march 20th

Hello Everybody! Together with our sister associations in Nijmegen, Utrecht and Leiden we are organising a pubquiz. The theme this time will be: SUPERHEROES! It is promising to be a very entertaining night. Don’t forget to sign up (preferably in teams) by sending an email to before sunday 16th. Hope to see you all on the 20th

Film Screening: Pulp Fiction

Hello everybody! This month Etcetera will be showing the incredibly classic Pulp Fiction in collaboration with the Amsterdam Americanist Society. If you sign up before wednesday you will get a free drink from us but don’t feel shy to bring your own. So go to the Facebook event, click “aanwezig” and hopefully we will see you thursday at 19.00.

Ice skating

Hello everybody! Feel like getting active before the drinks? Want to feel like you REALLY deserved that beer? Come ice skating at the Jaap Edenbaan beforehand! Thursday we’ll meet at the Jaap Eden baan at 16:00 where we’ll enjoy some slipping and sliding until 18:00. Tickets are €5,40 for students so make sure you bring your student card. You can bring your own skates or rent them; you need a

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Order your books

Hello everybody! Last week the book sale for the second semester started. You can order your books until the 28th of January on From now on it is 18% off in the English section instead of 15%!!!!! Don’t forget to order your books The Etcetera board

Memberweekend 2014

Coming Wednesday (December 11) from 1pm you can sign up for the memberweekend that takes place Friday 7 to Monday 10 February 2014! We’ll go to Broek in Waterland for 3 nights and fun, food and booze is included in the price of only 78,-. It is only a short ride by bus, but we expect you to use your OV! Join us on this fun weekend between, goats, sheep,

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