Vaentine’s letters sign-up

That time of year has come around where the birds chirp just a little more and love is in the air. And by that we of course mean the love we as board feel for all our members. And so in order to share that love with you you can now request a special valentine’s letter from us. Just fill out the form in this link: and await the

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Reverences Masters event + Course Registration event.

In the Past we have held both an event to help you enrol and familiarise yourself with masters programs (Together with VOS Linguistics), as well as an event to help you both structure your time in the BA English as well as a guide on GLASS. You can now find the PowerPoints for both of these events on this page! Masters event: Course Registration event:


WE WANT YOU!The yearbook is a staple of Etcetera and also of the English department. Every year a host of new students come together to make a completely new yearbook. This brings with it a host of exciting challenges, but not to worry, because every year our amazing committee comes up with brilliant solutions to tackle these challanges together. What’s in it for you? First of all, you get to

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Semester 1 Recap

This semester has been a rollercoaster for all of us but we managed to make it a fun one! We went to trips, we celebrated Halloween, we enjoyed some book clubs with a side of tea, we were judged for our trivia knowledge, but mostly we laughed and danced and enjoyed each other’s company. We thank you for spending a great semester with us and we cannot wait for the

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Observe! Seated here are the attendants of the book club on “Cloud Atlas.” The young intellectuals rejoice as they sip tea and recover from the spirited discussion on reincarnation, human cloning and the power of audiobooks read in a robotic voice. They’re sophisticated like that.As usual, big thanks to Atheneum for letting us use their lovely space and lots of respect for everyone that managed to join us (especially since

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Throwback This Quiz is Lit

We really did it this time, folks. Past Monday, we made SITTING IN CLASS and RECALLING FACTS more COOL and EXCITING than ever. The brainiacs pictured here battled bravely. Armed only with the sharpness of their own minds, they faced literary questions that were honestly PRETTY HARD (woo!) to win the sweetest prizes known to man – respect and little chocolate treats :)Although technically only one team could emerge victorious,

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Throwback Dorian Gray Screening LLACE

Thank you all for joining us past Monday to delight in the visual spectacle of Dorian Gray! As promised, the scarf was seen and a few delightful hats made an appearance as well. The bold fashion choices presented are sure to inspire many and the electrifying special effects used were…. Well, they sure were something (see you in my nightmares, Mr Haunting Painted Spectre!). Anyway, despair if you missed out

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With Pride We Welcome Our New Committee Members

LLACE Chair Julie Thilges (She/They): Hobbies include (but not limited to): writing, reading, music, and hanging out with my favourite creature, aka my dog. I also have excellent taste in movies so come talk to me about Shrek, Zootopia, and OG Barbie. Secretary / Treasurer Léa Vandervorst (She/Her): Something to know about me is that I never dress accordingly to the weather. If you see someone without a jacket under

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Halloween Pictures

   Although it is not that long ago it is time to reminisce on our Halloween Party! Whether you were there and want to relive the evening, or you missed it and want to get an impression of the evening you can now do so!  You can now find all the Halloween party pictures through this link Once again, thank you to VOS, SCIO, Helios, and ASVA for making this evening

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First years needed

Hi all, the UvA is looking for first years to guide around potential new students for a day so they can get a taste of our program! If you are interested please email: or