Order your yearbook now!

After months in the making, it’s finally here: the 22/23 yearbook!! We (the yearbook committee) are so excited to finally share the product we’ve worked so hard on and see it come to life, in your hands. As the post says, there’s a lot you’ll find in this issue, ranging from the obligatory interviews (of course), to superlatives, a tour of PCH as you’ve never seen it before, and even

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Throwback LLACE Language Workshop

Massive thank you to Dr. Federico Gobbo for collaborating with LLACE to host a wonderful workshop on what it means to create a fictional language and how to go about it. Aside from being incredibly entertaining, it was informative and educational at the same time. For those who attended, we can’t wait to see what fictional languages you’ll be able to create, or develop further phrases with the vocabulary we

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Board application deadline 29/05/2023

APPLICATION DEADLINE: MONDAY 29TH OF MAY!As the year is coming to a close we are looking for new board members! Are you interested in leading Etcetera through the next academic year? Keep an eye out on our socials the upcoming weeks as we will highlight the different positions and aspects of board life. Already know what you want to do? No worries the application link is right here: https://forms.gle/taCCabDbyiKMfTJ26

Throwback Book Exchange

Yet another collaboration between ACE & LLACE has come to an end, but it was a success! How could it not be, with everyone going home with a new book? They were all neatly wrapped and eagerly unpacked, and we want to applaud everyone for labelling the copies they brought in an obscure and creative way that contributed a bit of mystery to the event. Happy reading everyone! 📚

Be Our New External Affairs

External affairs general duties are the socials, the Halloween party, and being a general member.In my personal opinion being external affairs really gives you a chance to develop yourself and learn a bunch of new skills. This can be anything for bettering yourself with design (as you are the one managing the socials), working together with people (for example the Halloween party which falls under external affairs), managing a website

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Be Our New Treasurer

As a treasurer you have to do a lot of different things, but there is a lot of flexibility in the sense that you can do them on your own schedule. You have to keep up the finance on Excel and budget, apply for subsidies, help committee treasurers, know Etcetera’s financial position, and be TraCE’s (travel committee) treasurer. I didn’t have a lot of experience with financials, but I was

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Be Our Next Secretary

The tasks of the Secretary of Etcetera can be summed up as taking minutes at meetings, setting up the book sale in collaboration with Athenaeum, and managing emails and memberships. The Secretary takes minutes at each Board meeting, making sure that all deadlines, assignments, and contributions—especially funny quotes—are carefully noted down. All of this is done on Etcetera’s Google Drive, where you can keep track of the association’s vital documents

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Be Our Next Chair

Is keeping a cool head, leading everyone on the team, and jumping in when someone needs support the task for you? Think about becoming ETC’s new chair! As chair your main tasks are taking the lead and keeping the overview. What this entails is that during Board Events you’ll be the host, and for meetings you make the agenda and keep the board on track. you also keep track of

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Throwback LLACE x Writers block

What better way to spend an afternoon than to support fellow students and their hard work? On April 12th, LLACE and Writer’s Block came together to talk about the newest issue of our beloved student magazine, and we had the honour to welcome some of the writers who got their wonderful submissions published! Whether we talked about photography, poetry, or the heartwarming editorial, we had a great time. If the

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Meet the Yearbook Committee

As the academic year is rapidly coming to the end already, the production of the yearbook is in full swing and we thought it’d be a good idea to give a little introduction. We’re a small team this year, as you can see, but we definitely have some fun things planned! Maybe we’ll even reveal some secrets in the issue.. For now, keep an eye out for stories over the

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