10th of February: Life after English

Are you curious about what you can do with your English degree? Are you deciding on masters? Or are you interested in what our alumni have been up to? Then come along to Life After English: Careers and Networking Session. UvA alumni (and one student on placement) will be talking about their work and career

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9th of February: ACE’s Annual Pancake Dinner

The world celebrates Pancake Day on February 27th this year. But honestly, we cannot wait that long to stuff ourselves with pancakes! So therefore, join us on February 9th at Amsterdam’s famous Pancake Bakery for our annual Pancake Dinner! Lots of pancake-y goodness awaits those who come along… So quickly sign up on the Facebook

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8th of February: Announcement Drinks!

Yes! We finally picked out an awesome location for our studytrip and we want to share it with you! At Sanders at the 8th of February you will know the how, when, and where. After the announcement there will be plenty of opportunity to drink, laugh, and dream about our upcoming vacation. See you there!

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3rd-5th of February: Memberweekend

Our annual Memberweekend is coming up! We will enjoy our time together at a wonderful location somewhere here in this lovely country. Pack all your stuff, kiss your friends and family goodbye and start mentally preparing for the most awesome weekend of your life! There are only 28 spots, so make sure you are one

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19th of January: Movie Night

Penguin awareness day, International Popcorn day, what do these two things in the previous sentence have to do with each other? They are the absolute best combination for a super swell movie opportunity. So put on your moon-boots or slippers; whatever you fancy, and come join us on MOVIE NIGHT! Hit attend on facebook.