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Upcoming events

From the 23rd till the 25th of October: FYW
(First Years Weekend)
Will be held at Peel & Maas, located in Meijel at Kerkstraat 1.

Thursday the 30th of October: The waltzing dead!
(Halloween fancy dress drinks!)
Will be held at Café de bieb (Saenredamstraat 32) from 21:00 till 03:00

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Looking for a job, an internship or any other kind of means to make money while still using your English skills, go and have a look at this page.
We will keep you updated with new kinds of offers from various party's.

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First Years Weekend 2015 to Peel & Maas!


Subject Firstyearsweekend

Your Name (required)

Your Email (required)

Your Phone Number (required)

Comments/questions/diet/allergies (optional)

Terms and Conditions 1. As soon as I have received the bank details from Etcetera, I will transfer the Firstyearsweekend (FYW) fee of € 70 2. I understand that I will not get my money back if I have to cancel after I have paid and that I will have to pay if I have signed up but in the case of Etcetera having to cancel the FYW, I will get my money back 3. I understand that I cannot bring someone to the FYW who is not a member of Etcetera and/or who did not sign up for the FYW 4. I will behave responsibly during the FYW 5. I will be prepared to help out with any chores that need to be done during the FYW 6. Etcetera cannot be held responsible for the loss of any possessions or for any injuries suffered during the FYW 7. First years have priority over other Etcetera members, however any member can sign up. 8. We have a limited amount of spots, so first come first served.

By checking the box, I agree to the Firstyearsweekend Terms and Conditions which I have read and understood. I hereby sign up for Etcetera's very first Firstyearsweekend.


If you would like to have a little peak at the accommodation please click here:

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STARTBLOCK: Back to school party

The upcoming party STARTBLOCK in collaboration with SES (European Studies), KLEIO (History),Circle d’ Amis (French language and culture), Los Guiris (Spanish language and culture), and Helios (Dutch language and culture).

STARTBLOCK, the 23rd of October: The back to school party will be held in Club Up, located at Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 26 – I, you will be welcome from 22:00 till 04:00. Tickets can be bought through Etcetera for only five euro! To get a little feel of what kind of tunes you will be rocking out to feel free to take a peak at the line-up:

22:00 uur – 23:00 uur Study associations23:00 uur – 02:00 uur Pokkoehontas02:00 uur – 04:00 uur Uilenkatten For any other information you can have a look at the Facebook event:


We have already sold 19 tickets and we still have 9 tickets left! So hurry up!

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Application form for joining a committee:

Your Name (required)

Your Email (required)

I am interested in joining the following committee(s)*

First choice:  Activities Committee Etcetera Literary Activities Committee Etcetera Promotion Committee Writer's Block

Second choice:  Activities Committee Etcetera Literary Activities Committee Etcetera Promotion Committee Writer's Block

Upload your resume here: Upload your letter of motivation here:

* Based on your letter of motivation and preferences we will place you in only one committee.



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ORCA (Open Commissie Avond)

On Monday 14th of September are organizing the ORCA. If you are thinking about joining a committee but you’ve got some questions or you’re not quite sure what the committees entail: Have no fear, the ORCA is here! It’s an evening to ask away about the committees; meet your fellow future committee members and get a general feeling of what you’ll be doing this year. If this isn’t convincing enough; snacks and drinks will be provided! (What more does one need?) Here is a short list of our committees: The LACE(Literary Activities Committee Etcetera): An enthusiastic group of people who will mostly be concerned with organizing exciting, humongous literary events. Examples of previous events are: The Open Conference: An Evening of Tolkien, Book My Valentine or The Literary Festival. The ACE(Activities Committee Etcetera): You name it, they organize it. The ACE is mostly concerned with the more social aspect of the study association. If you think that playing hide-and-seek in the IKEA is a myth, think again, you can make it happen. Organize an Easter-Beerhunt, SURE, why not? YOU can be a part of it. The ProCo (Promotion Committee): If you come across any of the events mentioned above, you can thank the ProCo for it. These socialites spread the word by talks, posters and all social media you can possible think of, AND they do a little acquisition on the side. Writer’s Block: Writer’s Block, though not an official committee of Etcetera, is a fun way to be integrated in the writing and editing business. Every year they publish a number of magazines featuring YOUR stories. If you love to write and read, this is definitely right up your alley. If you are interested, and would like to go the distance:  Be there on Monday the 14th in PCH 1.15 at 19:30! We look forward to seeing you there, and to have a chat with you all. Love, The Board.


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Constitutie Borrel of the new Board!

Dear members of Etcetera,

The start of a new academic year calls for a new board, and what better way to start things off than by coming together and having a drink!

We will all gather at Molly Malone’s on the 10th of September at 20:00.

The first drink will be on the house for all Etcetera newbies and the board members of other study associations. We look forward to having a chat with all of you! Love,

The Board.

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Algemene Leden Vergadering (ALV)

Dearest of members,

A new year has begun and this means an all new year of studying, learning, cramming but also drinking, partying, having fun and making friends. For this we need an Etcetera Board and with this Algemene Ledenvergadering (ALV) we hope to introduce you to the new board. So you are all invited for the official transfer of the current Etcetera Board to the next. Here the new board will inform you about their plans and ambitions and the current board will proudly present what they have achieved last year.

You will also be able to vote on the new by laws (statuten). So please stop by and witness this epic beginning of the year. After the ALV we will all go to Molly Mallone’s for our Constitutie Borrel (CoBo), so if you can’t make it you are more than welcome to say hello to the new board there :)

This joyous occasion will be held at the Bungehuis in room 0.15 on the 10th of September. The ALV will start at 17:00 and will most likely continue till 18:00.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Love, The Board

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ETC Career Event


“What do you study?” “English.” “Ok. So you want to become a teacher, then?”

All students of English Language and Culture (and other language students for that matter) have undoubtedly had this conversation over and over again. True, there is nothing wrong with becoming a teacher. But if teaching is not really your ambition, it is sometimes hard to retaliate with a sharp and witty response, since many students really have no idea what they would like to do later, or what all the options even are.

To inspire and prepare yourself for the future (and for condescending comments about your choice of degree) Etcetera is organising a career event on 11 June. We have invited several alumni to come and talk briefly about their experiences building a career after they left the University of Amsterdam with a BA or MA in English Language and Culture. They will tell you about the do’s and don’ts, the obstacles, the successes, and what makes an English BA or MA attractive in the current economy.

We have invited five alumni who each will be sharing their experiences with you. There will also be a speaker from the Loopbaan en Adviescentrum who will talk about using LinkedIn, building a network, writing a letter of application, and other job-related skills.

Sign up via the etcetera website The entry is free and there will be drinks afterwards.

You can find the Facebook event here

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New Board

We’re looking for a new board for 2014-2015, and from now on, you can send in your application (which consists of your CV and motivation) to with the subject Board Application. The deadline for applications is the 22nd of May.

YOU could be our next Chair / Secretary / Treasurer / Commissary of Internal Affairs / Commissary of External Affairs! Haven’t you had any experience in a committee yet? Don’t worry, experience is beneficial, but we will make sure that you’ll enter the year prepared.

————- Function Descriptions ————— Chair As the Chair of Etcetera, you’ll always need to have a clear view of what is going on within the study association, what needs to be done and what you want to be done. You’ll make the agenda for the board meeting, and you’ll lead the board meetings. As the Chair has a general overview, you will also be able to do promotion and the newsletter together with the Commissary of External Affairs. You will join in on all the fun activities that Etcetera offers, from drinks to the study trip. You are motivated to bring Etcetera to yet another level, to work together as a team, but also to fulfill your own duties.

Secretary The Secretary of Etcetera is in some ways the right hand of the Chair. As the Secretary, you’ll make record of the board meetings. The inbox of is mainly your responsibility, and together with the Treasurer, you’ll keep the membership file up-to-date, also within the e-mail. You and the treasurer will also be in contact with Athenaeum Bookstore, to organize the book sale twice a year. You will join in on all the fun activities that Etcetera offers, from drinks to the study trip. You are precise and you are motivated to bring Etcetera to yet another level, to work together as a team, but also to fulfill your own duties.

Treasurer As Etcetera’s Treasurer, you’ll manage all the financial business of Etcetera. You are the one to access the bank account and manage any transactions. You’ll take care of the member file together with the secretary, as well as the book sale. Furthermore, you make sure that Etcetera receives subsidy for certain events. If needed, you’ll make an estimation, and at the end of the academic year, you’ll present an financial review. You are precise and still remember the basics of high school math. You will join in on all the fun activities that Etcetera offers, from drinks to the study trip. You are motivated to bring Etcetera to yet another level, to work together as a team, but also to fulfill your own duties.

Commissary of Internal Affairs The Commissary of Internal Affairs deals with affairs within the study association that are not directly related to the board itself (but that are still related to the board). You are the board’s deputy in meetings with the ACE, the FECO and the Book Club. It is your task to get the committees going and to keep them going, and to report back what is discussed in committee meetings. You are the one to organize Algemene Commissie Vergaderingen. You will join in on all the fun activities that Etcetera offers, from drinks to the study trip. You are motivated to bring Etcetera to yet another level, to work together as a team, but also to fulfill your own duties.

Commissary of External Affairs As the Commissary of External Affairs, you are the person to communicate outside the study association. This means you’ll be the one primarily in contact with the association of Humanities (Alpha), the student union ASVA, the Studentenraad, and other institutions connected to the UvA. Along with other board member, you are the one to join in on meetings of these institutions. Furthermore, you are in contact with other study associations whenever needed. This also means you will take care of the promotion and the newsletter together with the Chair. You will join in on all the fun activities that Etcetera offers, from drinks to the study trip. You are a sociable person, who is motivated to perform as a team, but also as an individual.

Out of one of the board members, the vice-chair will be chosen. They will take over the Chair’s tasks when the Chair has to be absent.

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Edinburgh Study Trip 2015

Hey dear members, Here you can sign up to go along on the studytrip to Edinburgh! Please read it carefully, and we are delighted to have you on board! :) N.B.if you want to sign up, make sure you are on the page of the post. If you are still on the homepage, click on the title of the post first, then fill it in. Otherwise you won’t be able to enter your choice of luggage. :) Love,

The Board


Your Full Name (the name on your passport/ID) (required)

Date of Birth (required)

Nationality (required)

Passport or ID? (required) ---PassportID

Date of Expiry of your Passport/ID (required)

Document Number (required)

Your Email (required)

Your Phone Number (required)

Type of baggage: (required)

(baggage info KLM) Cabin baggage (12 kg)Checked baggage (20 kg, + € 30,00)

I hereby sign up for Etcetera's study trip to Edinburgh. By checking the box I agree with the following:

- Once you have signed up, you have to transfer the non-refundable deposit of € 50 to ARTHUR, NL68 INGB 0007 2319 89 . Once we have received your payment, you will receive an email from us confirming that you are coming with us. This email will also contain more information about how and when to pay the remaining € 220 (or € 250 if you have selected checked baggage). If you want to pay the € 270 (or € 300) in one go, you are of course more than welcome to do so.

- I agree with the Deelnemersvoorwaarden Study Trip Etcetera 2015 that can be read below

Terms and Conditions

Artikel 1 Deze voorwaarden hebben betrekking op de overeenkomst van studievereniging Etcetera (hierna genoemd: Etcetera) met deelnemers of zijn wettelijke vertegenwoordiger/ouder (hierna: de deelnemer) voor de StudyTrip naar Edinburgh.

Artikel 2 De deelnemer ondertekent dit contract automatisch bij inschrijving.

Artikel 3 Deelnemer dient lid te zijn van Etcetera.

Artikel 4 De studytrip zal plaatsvinden van 30 Juni tot en met 4 juli 2015.

Artikel 5 Deelnemers dienen zich aan te melden via de website. De overeenkomst met Etcetera komt tot stand bij aanmelding van de deelnemer. Aanmelding van de deelnemer is definitief na het aanmelden via de website, tenzij Etcetera anders heeft laten blijken. De aanbetaling van 50 euro completeert de inschrijving en is niet restitueerbaar.

Artikel 6 Aanmelding en deelname kan door Etcetera met opgaaf van redenen worden geweigerd, ook na aanmelding en bevestiging door Etcetera van deelname.

Artikel 7 Aanmelding verplicht de deelnemer te betalen.

Artikel 8 De deelnemer dient de volledige deelnamesom van 270, of 300 euro met extra baggageruimte voor 30 mei te voldoen. Er worden hiervoor een of meerdere betalingsdeadlines gegeven, om in delen te kunnen betalen. Indien de volledige kosten van de Studytrip niet voor voorgenoemde datum zijn voldaan kan deelname door Etcetera worden geweigerd.

Artikel 9 Bij annulering na 30 mei 2015 is de deelnemer Etcetera de volledige deelnamesom verschuldigd.

Artikel 10 De onkosten van de deelnemer betrekking hebbende op de studytrip, die niet expliciet gedragen worden door Etcetera, worden gedragen door de deelnemer zelf.

Artikel 11 Etcetera en haar bestuur zijn niet aansprakelijk voor schade van welke aard dan ook.

Artikel 12 Etcetera en haar bestuur zijn niet aansprakelijk voor diefstal, beschadiging en/of zoekraken van eigendom. Deelnemers zijn zelf verantwoordelijk voor hun eigendom.


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Chan eil aon chànan gu leòr,

It is at the sulky start of spring and the stress of schoolwork still to be completed that we start dreaming of green hills, deep valleys, and rough lakes, far away from all the sassenachs in Amsterdam. Aye lads and lasses, we dream of the sweet burning sensation of malt whiskey on our tongues and the sound of bagpipes tickling our ears. For the 2015 study trip, our wanderlust led us to the far north of England, because in case you have not yet noticed the subtle hints we gave you so far in this message (if not yer an absolute galoot), the destination for this year’s study trip is…* EDINBURGH * (sparkles)This bonnie city lies at the heart of Scotland and we cannae tell ye all how excited we are to go there. For only 270 euros (200 pounds) you can join us from June 30th to July 4th on this lifetime trip. We will open the entries March 15th and you have until April 7th sign up. We only have 25 spaces this year (excluding the board), so sign up as soon as possible to secure your place!We all hope to see you there. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to email us.See ye efter!The Board

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