We are going to Dublin on the study trip! Are you coming with us?🇮🇪 When? From the 1st to the 5th of May. What a great way to spend your week off :) What’s the price? €300 We’ll be visiting different sights connected to Oscar Wilde and James Joyce, as well as other writers and poets connected to English & Irish language and culture. You can also come along with

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LLACE X Writer’s Block

The pleasure that the narcissistic human brain derives from encountering a piece of writing, raising a patronizing eyebrow and nonchalantly noting: “I could have done it better!” is addicting. Actually committing to testing your perceived creative superiority and forcing your butt to sit in place and make something beautiful, though? Not so much. Bah! Committing to the act is one thing… Sharing the fruits of your labour with the world,

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ACE Karaoke Night

Dear all, As the winter is coming to a close, ACE thought it was about time for a KARAOKE NIGHT to let off some steam and celebrate the end of the block with you all! We can’t wait for all of your renditions of high school musical songs, your favourite Britney song, or whatever else your heart desires. Come meet us at karaoke bar The End on wednesday the 22

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Guest Lecture Dr. R. Powell

Are you ready for our next guest lecture? This time Dr. Rosalind Powell will be discussing the significance of scientists’ storytelling and self-fashioning. We cannot wait to learn more and we hope to have piqued your interest as well. The talk will take place NEXT TUESDAY (21st of March) at 17:00. Location: PCH 3.01. We can’t wait to see all of you to learn something new together. 

LLACE March Book club Earthsea

Take it in, everyone – March is upon us! With it, comes the time of new beginnings. Naturally then, is it not our duty to celebrate by introducing ourselves to a new literary love? Ursula K. Le Guin’s “A Wizard of Earthsea” – a charming first in a beloved fantasy series sure to inspire in you a sense of awe and wonder – is our personal choice for this Spring’s

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Throwback and Slides Essay Writing Workshop

Pictured here are the participants of our essay writing workshop. With their minds soaking the precious information like sponges, I am almost surprised we didn’t all leave the room a few pounds heavier! Jokes aside – big thanks to Dr Carr for hosting the event and helping us combat the dreaded writing-induced pain and suffering! If you missed it or want to have a look back to the slides you

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ACE’s Crafts Workshop

Now that the new semester is in full swing again it is time for a relaxing activity. ACE is organising an arts and crafts afternoon where you can forget about all the stress and enjoy some quality crafting time. We have organised a poetry collaging workshop however you are welcome to bring your own ideas as well. Will we see you on February 27th in your craftiest mood?

Book Launch ‘Shakespeare, Nostalgia, and Desiring the Future’

On Shakespeare, Nostalgia, & Desiring the Future By Dr. Kristine Johanson This short talk on Shakespeare’s suspicion of nostalgia takes as its starting point the idea of a golden age. Via Ovid and the Elizabethan spin machine of iconography and court poetry, I then discuss the political significance of the Golden Age during the first decade of Shakespeare’s career. Finally, I turn to desire, that essential element of nostalgia and discourses of

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Half-Yearly GMA

Dear all, as time is flying by it is already time for the half-yearly GMA. For those of you who don’t know, a GMA is an assembly where we discuss what has been going on and what will happen with Etcetera for the year. Soooo, if you are interested in the workings of the association or you really want to have a say, this is your time to let us

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LLACE Bookclub The Secret History

Time flies, huh? It’s already time to announce another book club meeting! This February’s choice is sure to help you recover from the annual syrupy-sweet, lovey-dovey post-Valentine’s Day crash… Join us as we follow a group of horrible humanities students and witness their mortifying moral descent in Donna Tartt’s “The Secret History.” If you’re able to stomach a decent dose of twistedness and a solid dash of murder, find yourself

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