24th of May: Podiumavond XXL

Are you a stage tiger, a theatre diva or a nightingale? Then let yourself be heard during the Podiumavond XXL! Together with different study associations, we have decided to organise a special night where you can appreciate all the creative talents the Humanities Faculty has to offer. We are currently looking for stars that can perform

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24th of May: Study Session

Just three weeks left before the exams, so to make sure that we are all ready, we have arranged a room for you to study in. Since this will probably be the last study session this year, let’s make a joint effort to all be there and motivate each other! Bring some nice food and

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20th of May: Living in the Netherlands

At ‘Living in the Netherlands’, we aim to improve the contact between Refugees and the Dutchies. During the event there will be workshops to improve interaction and we will have all kinds of stands with information about what we can do to get to know each other here in Amsterdam. Interested? Check out the Facebook

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18th of May: ACE x LACE Bookhunt

After last month’s very successful Beerhunt, the ACE and LACE are now combining their powers to bring you our annual Bookhunt! On the 18th of May, you’ll follow a trail of books, solve a bunch of puzzles and unravel a range of riddles, all to win the coveted first prize! This will be the one event

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9th of May: Movie Night Part 2

Because the previous movie night was such a success, the ACE has organized a second movie night! We will come together to eat popcorn and have some fun while watching a movie yet to be announced. There is no better way to celebrate cinema than with the ACE! You can sign up via Facebook.

3rd of May: After Kingsday Drinks

After such an awesome and long weekend we can imagine that you are bursting to tell us and all your friends about it. On the 3rd of May,you can tell us all during our After Kingsday Drinks at Sanders. Check out our Facebook for more details.

21st of April: Picnic at Vondelpark!

The weather is becoming better and better, so time to start enjoying it! On the 21st of April, we will be sitting somewhere in Vondelpark with something to drink and something to eat. The general goal of this event is: relax! Let all your worries fade away and enjoy the sun with us! For more

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11th of April: LACE’s Barlecture

Lectures and seminars are all so terribly official, aren’t they? That’s why the LACE is organizing our very first Bar Lecture: a casual get-together with a small group of students and one of our teachers. Kicking-off this new event is our own Dr. Jochem Riesthuis, who’ll be talking to and with us about a current

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