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Upcoming events

23rd of November - 11th of December
UvA Referendum

6th of December
Enrolling in courses

7th of December
X-Mas Sweater Drinks!
@Sanders, 8 PM - 11 PM

12th of December
Farewell dr. Eaton
@PCH 5.59 1 PM - 3 PM

12th of December
AAS & ACE's Boston High Tea Party!
@Leeuwenkuil 5 PM - 7 PM

15th of December
Department Drinks!
@Leeuwenkuil 5 PM - 7 PM

16th of December
Study Session
@ Roeterseiland C3.01, 11 AM - 4 PM

23rd of December
Project X-Mas
@Tolhuistuin 10 PM - 5 AM

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23rd of December: Project X-Mas

After Faculty of Fear, December will bring us Project X-Mas! Start prepping yourself and warn your friends. The Gala (yes a Gala) will be in the Tolhuistuin, which is very close to Central Station (you only have to take the ferry to North and tada!). Project X-Mas is a Gala organized by the Faculty of Humanities, thus it will be an excellent opportunity to meet some of the other students walking around at our university. This is the party of the year that you wouldn’t want to miss! The tickets will be sold at our office. The dates at which you can buy these tickets from us will be announced on Facebook. More details are in the event.

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12th of December: Farewell dr. Eaton

Never had the pleasure of attending a class of Dr. Eaton? This is your last chance, because this wonderful teacher is going to retire! Make sure you attend his last class on the 12th of December at 1 PM in PCH 5.59 either to say goodbye or to experience the magic of his teachings one more time.

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7th of December: X-Mas Sweater Drinks

Like every first Wednesday of the month, we will be meeting at Sanders again at 8 PM! However, this month we expect from you all to wear the most warm/cuddly/ugly/excentric/green/red X-Mas sweater that you have lying around or happen to be wearing. Pictures will be made, so make sure we won’t catch you not wearing a sweater! Don’t forget to hit attend on facebook.

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23rd of November – 11th of December: UvA Referendum

After the protests at the Maagdenhuis in 2015, a commission was installed to look into ways in which the UvA could become more democratic and its management more decentralized. Three possible solutions were found: 1. The installation of a new senate, consisting of people from all layers of the university. 2. The introduction of a charter, which states the core values of the university 3. The principles for a new governance model for the UvA. They have developed four governance models which are linked to four colours. From the 23rd of November until the 11th of December students and teachers are asked to vote on these three points. We advise you all to vote, so our views are clear to the commission. You have all received a mail with a personal link. It is not just a vote for one of the four governance models, but a questionnaire. For results that reflect your views in the best way, we advise you all to fill in the questionnaire as honest as possible.

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28th of October: Halloweenparty!

October is the month of Halloween and who are we to ignore this fact? That’s why we have organized a super awesome Halloween party! At 12 o’clock exactly there will be a contest of whose costume was the most amazing. All the language/culture/theater study associations have worked together to organize this spooky party so plenty of opportunity to meet new people and have fun! Tickets cost only 5 euro and the party is at the very last day of the exam week so no stress about homework! The event will go online coming Tuesday, but tickets are already available via this link. You can invite your friends as well! There are only 200 tickets so make sure you get one! We hope to see you there!

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21st of October: Study Session

The exams are almost here, but who’s got time to study? Stop the procrastination and come to study with us! We have arranged a nice and quiet room where you will have the time and the opportunity to study with us and to ask questions about the material that you are still struggling with. D1.18B (OMHP) is available for studying from noon till six in the evening. Take this time to make sure that you have at least put six solid hours into studying for your exams and maybe it will even motivate you to continue studying for the rest of the weekend! It is truly better not to suffer alone. Come and join us at our study session! Sign up via our facebookpage.

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