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Upcoming events

11th of January: Booksale!
Ends the 26th of January.

27th of January: Drinks
@ Molly Malones,
From 20:00 onwards.

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Looking for a job, an internship or any other kind of means to make money while still using your English skills, go and have a look at this page.
We will keep you updated with new kinds of offers from various party's.

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Book sale!


February 1st is the beginning of a new semester with new subjects and also new study books. As always, Etcetera will be organizing a booksale in which we can give you an 18% discount on all your English study books and a 10% discount on your Dutch books. The sale starts TODAY and you have until the 26th to order your books at Athenaeum via this link:

How do you order your books you ask? Well, Step 1: Click on the athenaeum site and choose ‘Faculteit Geesteswetenschappen’, Step 2: Choose ‘Etcetera’, Step 3: Choose your bachelor Step 4: Select your year and/or electives and select the ones you need.

Your books will arrive at the end of the month and you can collect them in the first week of February. The exact dates will be posted later on.

BEWARE: This semester there will be NO second round to order your books. So please make sure to order them while you still can.

Love, The Board.

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Member weekend!

Dear ladies, gentlemen, and above all, scholars! It is within the first days of February that the noble gathering of Studievereniging Etcetera is moving to the south to celebrate MEMBERWEEKEND. You are all duly invited to come join us on this happy weekend full of feasts, games, merriment, and good company!We will travel to the luxurious accommodation by train from Amsterdam Centraal in the afternoon, and we will return Sunday around teatime. Our company will only count 30 people, so be sure to sign up as quickly as you are able!

One can sign up by filling out this form and transferring € 60,- (!) to NL68INGB0007231989, name of ARTHUR.We look forward to seeing you there!Xxxxxx The Board

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Christmas Gala: Jinglebeats!



Een echte christmust: Jinglebeats! Ook dit jaar hebben veel studieverenigingen de handen ineen geslagen: AAS, Helios, Kanvas, Laverna, Etcetera, Trilithon, Nordom, Vos, Kleio, SES, Cèrcle d’Amis, Fabula Rasa, Los Guiris en Convivio verzorgen weer een spectaculair kerstgala. Waan je in smoking, jurk of (douche)gordijn een avond lang in winter wonderland en vier kerstmis met de mensen naast wie je al maanden (of jaren) in de collegebanken zit. Een ideale kans dus om (stiekem) met je studiegenootjes te dansen. Kortom: dit festijn mag je niet missen. De timing is uiteraard ook ideaal: tentamens achter de rug en in stijl de kerstvakantie in dansen! De kaartjes zullen 10 euro kosten, deze kun je vanaf donderdag 3 december bij je eigen vereniging kopen. Zorg dus dat je cash op zak hebt of op tijd een mailtje naar het bestuur van je vereniging stuurt! Zoals ieder reclamespotje ooit zei: op = op.

Het festijn zal plaatsvinden in de Panama en om 22:00 zullen de deuren opengaan. Het feest zal tot 04:00 duren, maar LET OP: om 01:00 zullen de deuren sluiten. Mocht je voor aanvang onoverhoopt nog geen kaartje bemachtigd hebben (jij moet je niet aangesproken voelen), dan kun je voor 23:30 nog aan de deur een kaartje kopen, mits het niet uitverkocht is natuulijk!

Neem vooral je moeder, buschauffeur of zoon mee, hoe meer zieltjes, hoe meer vreugd. Wij hebben er ont-zet-tend veel zin, tot dan!

PS: VERGEET NIET JE I.D.-KAART MEE TE NEMEN! _________________________________________________

This year’s christmust:: Jinglebeats! A grand coalition of awesome study associations has once again organized a Christmas gala. Wander around in tuxedo, dress or (shower)curtain in our winter wonderland and celebrate Christmas with the people with whom you’ve spent months (or years) in these lecture halls. An excellent opportunity to have a cheeky little dance with your fellow students. Simply put: you cannot miss out on this glorious occasion. The timing is also, obviously, ideal: finals are over and you get to dance your way into the holidays in style! Tickets will be sold for 10 euros a piece, these can be bought from Thursday 3rd of december onwards through your own study association. Be sure to carry around some spare cash or have some spare time to mail the board of your study association! Like every commercial once said: gone = gone.

The party will be held in the Panama and the doors open at 22:00. Jinlgebeats (unfortunately) ends at 04:00, but BE AWARE: the doors close at 01:00. In case you still don’t have a ticket when all the joy starts, (hope we’re not speaking to you) you can still buy a ticket at the door, if you’re on location before 23:30. Unless it’s sold out, of course!

Take your mum, busdriver or son by the hand and party all night long, the more the merrier! We are in-cre-di-bly excited and can’t wait to see you there!


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Christmas Drinks with the English Department!

The Christmas drinks where students and teachers all come together to spread Christmas cheer! (And drink beer).The teachers of the English Department will provide some drinks and home made snacks but you are always welcome to bring some yourself.We will get together from 17:00 till 19:00 in room 4.01.


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the 9th of December: Drinks!

Allrighty then fellow class mates!Once again, the time has come to unite and pursue one cause: to Drink!An opportunity for intelligent discussions, movie and music reviews and of course a chance to woo that hottie you’ve been eyeing in class. (You’re welcome)We didn’t want to neglect the people who were busy on Thursday, so we planned these drinks on a Wednesday!The board will be present from 20:00 onwards, We hope to see a lot of you there!

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5th of November: Bonfire Night!

Grab your guitar, bring your good spirits and warm up those vocal chords!

We’re celebrating Guy Fawkes Day with an amazing Bonfire Night at Hotel Buiten. 

This fabulous evening on the 5th of November will start at 19:30.

You can pay for your own beer, but if you bring €1 we will provide some nice snacks.

Please do not bring your own drinks and/or snacks, for there is enough provided by Hotel Buiten.Let’s make it an amazing night and we hope to see you all at Hotel Buiten!Love,The ACE

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26th of November: Pub quiz with Alumni

We will get together at 19:30 and you’ll be placed into different teams based on the sign up sheet. Please be on time! The pub quiz starts at 20:00. The teams will consist of graduates, students and faculty members to level the playing field. Bring your A-Game and a positive attitude to match it and get ready to battle!If you would like to join please sign up via the following link: worries: There is no fee, we just need to know who is joining so we can divide the teams!And if that isn’t convinvcing enough:Cheap beers! Fluitje 1,75 EUVaasje 2 EU Pint 3,75 EU Also, the pub quiz will be from 20:00 till 23:00, after 23:00 we will just hang out have beers since we have no time to plan a second drinks event this month. So if quizzes aren’t your style, you can always join the drinks afterwards!

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24th of November: PAUW

PAUW: A debating tv show that places knowledgeable people of very diverse topics around one table and let them go at each other under the all watching eye of Jeroen Pauw.Now we are offering a very rare oppurtunity for the FIRST 15 MEMBERS:- A free backstage tour of the show and the Studio- A free drink- A free bite to eat- A rare chance to show your lovely mug on national television as you listen to the exciting debates!- ALL OF THIS IS FREE!- Remember: First come, first served, so fill in that form as quickly as you can!the only thing you need to is fill in this google form: The deadline to do is Sunday the 22nd at 12:00 PM.

We need to be at the Studio at 21:00 for the backstage tour and our lovely drink and food and the show will be over at 23:45.

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17th of November: Private Screening

A lucky few can attend our private screening of the film: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.A spectacular tribute to the literary works of Charlie Kaufman executed by award winning actors such as Kate Winslet and Jim Carrey.We have room for 20 people in our private cinema and we have a first come first served policy, so hurry up and sign up before the spots are taken! To join in on the fun you will have to transfer 3 EU to the Etcetera IBAN: NL 68 INGB 0007 2319 89, addressed to ARTHUR.Please be on time at the venue, Duivendrechtsekade 85E Amsterdam, so that you don’t miss parts of the film.Also, you are required to buy some type of consumption at the venue and you are not allowed to bring your own snacks.BEWARE: you will have to pay with cash in the Cinema.We hope to see you there!Love, the Board.

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30th of October: The Waltzing Dead!

Thank all of you Hall O’Weepers for dressing up, getting down and making this night the best Halloween party so far!

A special thank you goes out to the board members of Helios, VOS, Asafier, Los Guiris, and Convivio who helped make this party gruesomely awesome!

We hope that we can keep the enthusiasm going and we look forward to partying it up with all of you at our next big party!


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