23rd of December: Project X-Mas

After Faculty of Fear, December will bring us Project X-Mas! Start prepping yourself and warn your friends. The Gala (yes a Gala) will be in the Tolhuistuin, which is very close to Central Station (you only have to take the ferry to North and tada!). Project X-Mas is a Gala organized by the Faculty of

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15th of December: Department Drinks!

Between 5 and 7 PM you will have the opportunity to wish not only your fellow students, but also your teachers a lovely Christmas and happy new year. This is a good opportunity to hear about everyone’s holiday plans. Let us know if you’ll be there by hitting attend on facebook!

7th of December: X-Mas Sweater Drinks!

Like every first Wednesday of the month, we will be meeting at Sanders again at 8 PM! However, this month we expect from you all to wear the most warm/cuddly/ugly/excentric/green/red X-Mas sweater that you have lying around or happen to be wearing. Pictures will be made, so make sure we won’t catch you not wearing

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12th of November: Masterday UvA

During your Bachelor, it is wise to already consider what courses you necessarily need to take to ensure that you can enroll into the Master of your choice. The UvA Masterday is the perfect opportunity to see what Masters are out there and what the necessary requirements are. Make sure you register on time via

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11th of November: Study Session

The last study session just before the exam was a success and we therefore want to make it a monthly thing. Every 2nd Friday of the month we will arrange a room to give you guys some extra opportunity to study. Interested? Sign up via the link.